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when i became deaf (2013-2013)
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"My Deaf Life" 


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 when I was in second grade I loss my hearing I was in a school with lots of people that can hear I couldn't learn at my school because I had no idea what the teacher is say my school called my parents and told them I wont listing to the teachers so my grade is not good my parents told them that I had hearing lost the teachers did not believe I had hear problem I passed second grade then went to the doctor to check my hear I had a hearing test the doctor said I have loss some of my hearing. I went to a lots of appointments for my hearing and to get hearing aids.When I got them I could hear people talking really load but still didn't know what people was saying I could hear them but I miss lots of words. I started third grade with my hear aids I learned a little but still  need lot of help when I was in 5 grade I was sent to another school that had a class with deaf kids when I got there people didn't know how to talk and thay was doing sign language I cried because I was scared of the people that didn't know how to talk and I didn't know sighn language there was a teacher that helped me learn sigh and I didn't like it I thought I was stupid she told me that I had to learn it it will  help me learn  and understand my teacher then I keep trying I learned a few sighs but realy didn't like the class a few day later I got use to it and became friends with the deaf kids but there was lot of drama in that class then I started to hate it there but there was noting I could do. when I started middle school I was still in a deaf class there was new kids there and 2 people that had hearing loss and thay could talk I became friends with them and the new teacher the teacher was a really nice teacher all there kids that new her loved her few days later athere was a new guy that was hard of hearing we became best friends I went to his house went to partys and hang with his family when I started high school he change he never talk to me in school he didn't like people seening him with me in school he started telling mean things like he could hear better then me and I didn't have any friends and he didn't care about me or any one but his self I was realy upset I stared to join a wrestling team in high school  I sucked at it my first year and second year then came back my 4 year and was realy good at it my coach was realy happy I had to pay the doctor to join the team my my didn't have any money to pay so I couldn't wrestle I was realy upset I sigh up for a school for people with hearing lose like me.........next chapter comeing soon  

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