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The Birth of Charles Leonard Wiggins

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"This week" 


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It has not been a bad week.  I have several new cases. 


One case is with a family that has a 14 year old daughter.  She was staying at her Paternal grandfather's a lot and probably has her entire life.  Why not?  My own child spends a lot of time with her grandparents.  Well since she was 11 years old the grandfather has been committing sexual acts with her and buying her things and giving her things she wanted in return, he also turned her into his personal recruiter.  She was to make friends and bring them over so they could be part of what he did as well.  There have been many victims over the years.  Yes he has been caught, yes he is in jail.  But the damage is horrible to look at.  It is so hard to look into these parents eyes.  They have been so utterly betrayed by a total piece of crapp who DOES NOT deserve the oxygen he takes in to keep him alive.  I will not rehash all the stuff he has done here, because I never know who or what kind of person is reading this, but the things he has done I can't even imagine how someone could do, nor do I want to.


Sometimes you see positive things with families.  I have one family with 2 young boys, they are so funny and wild as rabbits.  I see a lot of sad unhappy children and teenagers, so it's always nice to see some that are happy, at least in that moment, they are smiling, and laughing and being rowdy like kids are suppose to be. So much better than say the two brothers a little older who hated being in the same room as the other, with the older one despising the existence of the younger one.  That was always hard to look at. 


You know it's true that when you make someone else smile, or do something truly to make someone else's day just a little better, It is like magic that makes everything else, every other bad experience just melt away into nothing for awhile.  GEE I sound like Polyanna.

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