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When i was young (1991-2013)
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"Now it begins" 


Date Range: 01/01/1991 To 12/31/2013   Comments: 0   Views: 59
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hello and think you for your time everyone always says to know a person you have to walk a mile in their shoes here is a way you can know me and my life now my story is not a happy one and its about no one is every alone now why am i doing my story is really its because i tried to kill myself several times and the last time i try gave me an idea about telling telling people my story now by the time my life story is here and i'm done i will tell if there's a happy ending or not so my story begins i am a 22 year old guy that lives day by day trying to be happy why is it so hard to be happy you much be thinking ? for the you have to go back a little farther in past i was young and my dad hit me a lot and sometimes it was hard going day by day and my mom and dad did love me but sometimes i guess i was they at a bad time i never saw my dad hit my mom but i never know if he did or not now i didn't know much being so young but i knew my life wasn't going to be easy i knew i was going to cry a lot and get hurt a lot in my life and its sad knowing so young i'm not going to put my story here for everyone to cry and be sad for me i just want everyone to know me and how my life was and is and how it will end next time i will talk a little more and by the time i'm done you will know my name for good or bad

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