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Painful. (2006-2013)
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"It Started." 


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School is supposed to be fun , that's what I heard when I was a kid.

Six years old and I was gonna begin on school , nervous and shy as I was , but since everyone said it would be fun. I decided it was gonna be fun. "I went into the classroom I was gonna be in. The teacher introduced me for the whole class and I was just smiling looking around. Then the teacher wanted me to tell something about me , so I did. Some how my happy mood was gone after I had heard someone commented about my name.

After some minutes I had sat down I got an friend , not just one, but three ! I was so happy. Didn't know what to do then smile. The hours went fast cause I had to much fun , cause when the bell rang it felt like we just had five minutes. I saw how excited everyone was to get break , how much they wanted it and I walked slowly out. Scared over that something bad suddenly would happen. I came to the door. I didn't open it. I was to scared , scared over what I was gonna meet on.

If it was bad or good. So it was an teacher that opened it and said I had to go out cause nobody was allowed inside. I squeezed my teddy bear and I went outside the door. Everyone was out , and it was an different system here. I went down to some of my class mates cause I saw them playing with their teddy bears and I wanted to join.

Me(Haru); Look I got a teddy bear. I said and lifting up my teddy bear to show them.
William(Classmate); Only a looser plays with teddy bears.

Me; But you guys are playing with teddy bears. I said and I just kept smiling

Malin(Classmate); Yeah , but that's because we are cool and you're just the new kid nobody wanna hang with. "

It just started.

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