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Ibtisam is one of the best names that has a long story with me. mind. I have many stories with this name. Starting from  high school to now a days i just know 3 ibtisams but fall of stories i still remember in 2002 i met first btisam she was very friendly. At that time i was about 12 years old. She use to hug me: and call me my child. I like to call her  mama. One day she asked me to go with her home. I really like the idea. Her parents were so kind. She has an amazing brother. He is an english teacher. I had a lovely time with her and her family. Ibtisam taught me a lot of things: i learned how to be independent and how to treat people. She use to read for me many stories. One of ± best stories was the  one about wolf and the mule. I think most of moroccan students know about this story,  that was my best story at that time. Lets call this first btisam (mother btisam). in 2005 i went  to high school sahnoun, where i met the second btisam. How that? Ok i'll tell you: i always need  someone to help me with that: he-she read for me the qs and i have to tell him the answers, and the person should be less then my level. But in my case as a first year in high school., it's ok to bring someone from the same level but different department. So i went  to the science classes to look for  somebody to help, and the first person i met was btisam. I asked her to do me that favor, and i explain to her  what should   to do. She accept that and went with me to pass the exam, after that we went to the cafeteria for a drink or have something to eat. There we talked a lot, and we had a chance to   know each other. We exchange number phones   than we decided to meet very soon. This is how the story  started. We met many times, we went out to many places. We travel together.  One day i feel like i love her. So i need to let her know about that. I invite her for a coffee to tell her what i have in hart. However i didn't know how to start that conversation. It was very hard to tell her  that i'm in love with her. that takes me a very long time just to decide to let her know about my feelings. however i didn't told her anything that day, but the coming day i sent her a text message contain my real emotions: which means i inform her about my love. that was the best solution i had in mind, because i can't tell her face to face.that day i didn't go to school. i don't want her to see me. meanwhile i was waiting for her response. it takes 3  days just to reply to that SMS. you know what was her reply? it was like this no no no no no no no no no no, i don't have any man in mind and i don't want anyone in my life i don't like anybody, but you: she said. ops that was very hard for me to read but when finishing the sms. i feel so happy and i went to school just to meet her. in my way i was thinking about how to say hello, do i have to sheik hands or to kiss  her for the first time. the time was 4.25; the place front of the high school. I was so shy, i couldn't speak. i don't know what happened to me, many thoughts were in my mind. at the end i take her hand and kiss her. this is how the story started with that wonderful girl.
the third btissam was also at the high school but this one has a different  story she is like my sister. she is one of my best friends up to now. i'm still in tach with her. you may want to know if i still have any contact to the other btisams, yes i meet them from time to time. the oldest one got married 4 years ago and she has a son named salah, and the one i was in love with is in the usa: she is studying medicine. another Q that you may ask is: am i still love her or have any feelings toward her? the answer is yes i still have some admiration toward her  and this is the reality, but i'm in a relation with another girl: who loves me.

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