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Date Range: 01/01/1926 To 12/31/1940   Comments: 0   Views: 72
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Music of my childhood grew out of the economic depression, Hitler's aggressions and world war II, when Kate smith sang "God Bless America" in 1938. Irving Berlin contributed the words to the song, which were written 22 years earlier but never published until 1938. Now in 2013, "God Bless America" is still being sung and history is preserved. Books and movies weren't too important to me in that time. Mama read the bible stories to us. Jewish story books, published by the Christian Science Monitor, were read by my mother's grandfather, Calvary Flanary, which she loved very much and wanted us to know. One of the books we liked a lot and was made into a movie, was Gone With the Wind. Mama had read the book and we did too before it was made into a movie. We lived 25 miles from the nearest movie theater. My mama gave me written excuse from school and we took the day off and went to see Clark Gable, who was my hero.

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