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We liked celebrating birthdays, reunions and Christmas. In my family a birthday cake baked by Mama and decorated with candles was served at the birthday person's place at the table. Sometimes we saved it as dessert for the meal and sang "Happy Birthday". Sometimes a guest might be invited or a gift presented on a special birthday. We had a big family reunion to celebrate the family's seventy-five years at our Missouri farm home in the Ozarks. Everyone from near and far was invited from Oklahoma, Texas, and California. It was a hot August and some slept in the yard, some brought their trailer homes and stayed in the straw filled barn loft. We had family we'd never met, and such fun with balloons set up to guide them down the walk. We had a homemade pinata hanging in the yard that we took turns hitting and apple bobbing contests. We had some waterfalls behind the barn that would be frozen in winter. We would chip off ice to use to make homemade ice cream. Christmas was a family and community event with church and school as well as friends. It started with picking out our Christmas tree. Daddy would take us out into the woods to cut one down. We then brought into the house to decorate it with green and red paper chains . We used the tin paper wrappers from gum that we'd saved all year long to make balls to hang on the tree. Early Christmas morning we'd open our stockings and we'd play games, such as pick up sticks and jacks.

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