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Brian "Top 10" Lists > 10 Cool Things about the Vancouver Olympics

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  Title Date: 02/14/2010
Awesome Locals!

Canadians, eh! They're so nice!

No censorship

No censorship here (sorry, China) and no over the top while people are in a recession & starving

The Pavilions

A bunch of different cultural groups are putting on pavilions for the Olympics. There are ones such as: Ukraine, Russia, BC and Saskatchewan. Events will be happening at all of these and include cultural displays.

Stanley Park/Sea Wall

Vancouver has beautiful waterfront walking areas. Stanley Park is one of the more famous places, along the ocean. My personal favourite is near Science World, the night lights reflected on the water are a must-see.


I never thought of it as a big thing, but many tourists are amazed at the subway-like train that runs on elevated tracks. It's actually a quite fun way to get around, just make sure you avoid riding the wrong train into Surrey. It provides a great view of the area.


If you don't happen to be interested in free concerts or the athletes themselves, check out Robson street. There are many great shops and sushi places. Us locals could spend hours on Robson alone, I cannot imagine how great it would be to a tourist. Just bring money :)

Robson Square

Robson square is the location of an ice rink, right in the centre of downtown Vancouver. It's a fun and family-friendly event. The fresh air and activity are a great way to enjoy yourself. Also, in lieu of the Olympics, a zip line over the area has been added in.

People Watching

Well, this one is a given. People are travelling all over the world for the Olympics, some of them are damn attractive. Also, there is bound to be plenty of odd people doing odd things, a magnification of the usual Vancouver weirdness.

Warm Drinks on a Cold Day

Welcome to Vancouver, British Columbia. You know you have arrived when you see a green awning on every corner. Starbucks can be found in all populated areas of the lower mainland, providing quality coffee to the masses. Caffiene addicts, welcome to heaven.

Free Concerts

I'm going to see Hey Ocean in Richmond tomorrow, then later into the Olympics I'll be attending the Illscarlett, Mariana's Trench, Mother Mother, Hey Rosetta and You Say Party! We Say Die!, with various people. It's a great way to get pumped and take part in the excitement for no cost.

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