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This is a list of ten of my favorite toys.

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  Title Date: 12/10/2009
My Ten Favorite Toys

This is a list of my ten favorite toys.

1.  My baby blue Roadster. A peddle car that I loved to drive down the block in.

2.  My black Hobby Horse and six guns. 

3.  My Vac U Form Set.  This was so cool!  You could make cars and other plastic items.

4.  My kitchen set.  My mom saved Coke bottle caps to obtain the set. It was a red and white stove, fridge and sink.

5.  My Revere Ware.  I had a set of pots and pans just like the grown ups!

6.  My Hedda Get Bedda Doll.  This doll had three faces.  You turned a knob on the top of her head and the facial expressions changed.

7.  My red record player.  This record player had holograms that accompanied the songs.  I would put the picture in the cylinder, put the needle on the record and watch the figure move to the music.

8.  My first transistor radio.  It was smokey shade of grey.  I loved that little music box.

9.  Mouse Trap.  I still like this game.

10.  My first and only Black doll baby.  She walked when you held her hand.  This was the last doll that I received as a gift.

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Aug 2007
Gina Pertonelli said:
posted on Dec 13, 2009
so cute!!

I love your list!

Member Since
Oct 2009
Deborah White said:
posted on Dec 13, 2009

I appreciate your comment.

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