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I developed this little exercise as a teenager. I've made my "I am..." list annually since then - for some 40 years now. In spite of the lists lost to me over the course of time, it has become a collection (and a ritual) I value.

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  Title Date: 12/13/2009
I am...

There are no "rules" for completing my list. I pick any quiet time when I have my thoughts to my self. I note:

Today's date: __ (and fill in the blanks) __

  1) I am ________________________________________ . 

I am...

2) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

3) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

4) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

5) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

6) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

7) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

8) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

9) I am ________________________________________ .

I am...

10) I am ________________________________________ .

When I have finished, I put this year's list away with the others. Sometimes, I revisit the lists from previous years. Sometimes, I do not.

While I will not share my personal lists (for concern about influencing others' lists), I will tell you that my lists have evolved in significant ways over time.

Each list is a time capsule I can explore - or ignore - at will. I enjoy reviewing my personal history in this way.

The entire collection is an abridged journal of sorts. It could be used as the framework for my autobiography, if ever I dared to write it.

I hope you'll consider developing your own "I am..." list collection.

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Agnes Williams said:
posted on Feb 02, 2010
Hi Alice

You started writing, but haven't since. I hope you will continue. I'll look forward to it.