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bethanyandtammy "Top 10" Lists > 10 most BORING things to do:

this is a random list of ten of the most boring things that you could possibly do in your life.

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  Title Date: 07/11/2012
read long stories from this websit.

yeah, so one of the saddest things that you could possibly do in your lifetime is actually bother reading storys on this website - apart from ours of course.

waiting for computers to uncrash.

egh -  its the most boring thing a person can go through in his/her lifetime.
invest in a good computer.

cowboy movies.

cowboy movies. just. dont. ever. watch. them.EVER.

commercials on the radio

the most boring waste of time. ever.
i genuinly dont see the point in them.

watching someone else play a game.

watching some one play a game, its just like - "egh why are you sooo bad at this."
aimed at emily and jordan.

being put on hold

why bother putting someone on hold, why don't you just hang up and call them back?

watching paint dry.

yeah as sad as it seems i know people who actually do that.

watching oprah.

"Today on Oprah, How to get in touch with your feelings and why you should....."
two minutes later - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

waiting for the phone to ring.

if you have no life thats fair enough, however i do recommend that you do see a therapist if you spend more than 5 minutes waiting.
 go do something with your life.

counting bricks on a wall

now thats boring, but i still believe that reading stories on this are more boring than that. haha

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Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Aug 21, 2012
you 2 are beyond idiots

wow, more brain trust from the wisdom of idiots that are  bethanyandtammy
#1 and #10 - why the fuck are you on this site then, you morons? 
it's "LOSER", idiots. And "Stories" not "storys". Christ, you two are stupid.  Stay in school.