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The embarrassing stuff I don't want to forget.

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  Title Date: 05/12/2013
Ava's First Christmas

The date on this story is wrong, but December 25, 2006 I was living with my parents after having had a brain tumor, job loss and a marriage fall apart.  My mother had a fancy dress for Ava to wear and we changed her into it, without any tights.

I was holding her, and she pooped.  The diaper either wasn't fastened all the way, or just got over full  But it was the first time I'd been pooped on and of course it was a slippery, liquidy green one (for the spirit of Christmas I guess).  I screamed for help from my own mother.  However, writing this as a more seasoned mother 7 years later, I'm surprised it left such a lasting impression on me.

Coming Home from Disney World Sick

In the fall of 2011 Robert and I took Michael and Maria (his kids from a previous marriage) and Ava to Disney World the week before Thanksgiving.  The trip was very busy and fun.  I had no idea how much work Disney was for adults!  The night before we went home I caught the stomach flu.  I was up all night throwing up.  The next day, I ended up throwing up several times in the airplane bathroom, and once into a throw up bag from the seat in front of me.  I'd never done that before.  But the worst of it was when Robert's son started throwing up in the seat next to me.  Afterward the stewardesses refused to take the full bag, so I ended up having to hold it for the remainder of the flight.

Violet's Third Mother's Day

Mother's Day wouldn't be Mother's Day if you didn't have some motherly work to do.  This year my mother (and father) did the work and cooked out for my blended family (ex-husband included so that Ava could also spend some time with us since it is a Daddy weekend).  My Grandma (Great Grandma Shirley to my girls) also got to enjoy the sunny Mother's Day relatively work free - maybe by the time we're great-grandmother's the work will disappear.

My work today included taking care of a very sick Violet, and getting thrown-up on.  It's amazing that as the years pass, the getting thrown up on bother's me less and less.  So now the wash is going, Violet is sleeping in her bed upstairs and I'm writing some memories to preserve not just the story of my life, but the story of my family.

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