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Some reasons I'm weird

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  Title Date: 03/02/2011
Caution, No Stepping Here!

If I see a sign that says “Caution, No Stepping Here – makes me want to step on it.

Undercover nymphomaniac - exhibitionist

I’ve always (in the dark recesses of my mind) wanted to be a nymphomaniac exhibitionist.  But I’m completely opposite.  I would have dreams of having sex inside a circular clothes rack in a department store.  In real life, I have to have all the curtains shut and find it hard to display affection in public.

Dirty feet fedish

If I give my husband a body rub I have to wash my hands afterwards because of rubbing his feet. 

Pinhead Abductee

I have a small pinhole in the top of my ear (where my ear connects to my head) and when I was young my mom had to squeeze any pus out of it or it would get swollen and hurt.  I told my nieces once that’s where the martians left their mark from the experimental needle they poked in my ear.

Big Fat Marble Toes

When I was young I would ride my bike barefoot down a small dirt hill by my house.  I completely tore up my big toe many times.  I would have a thick flap of skin on the tip of my toe and blood gushing everywhere.  But I would do it again and again.  Now my big toes are really fat and look like marbles.

What's up with that!?

If there’s something that I’m doing and I get a compliment for it, I won’t be able to do it anymore.  For instance, when I was a teenager my friends told me they liked the way I danced.  I immediately couldn’t do the moves anymore.  Or if there’s something that I’ve noticed about someone else that I don’t like, then it wouldn’t be long and it would be something about me.  Like really wrinkly hands, or very dark bags under my eyes, slouching, etc.  Or another thing is if someone else mentions something that they don’t like about a person then all of a sudden I catch myself doing it. 

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Member Since
Sep 2007
Princess Consuela Banana Hammock said:
posted on Aug 21, 2008
I'm weird too!

LOL, you're like me in many ways, but I especially like how you explain the pinhole to your nieces. I'm all for confusing them at an early age ;)

Member Since
Apr 2008
Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Aug 25, 2008
not weird

eclectic eccentric unique :)

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