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what's good in my life

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  Title Date: 02/15/2010

is good!

He has blessed me tremendously! I am not worthy and I forget how to be grateful.

God is love!

I was listening to Christian radio on the way to work. Pastor Bob Coy is great! He said...

God is love! And he made us in his image! Two things to remember

1. It reinforces the reason for being.
2. It verifies the value in living.

My children

Audrey is always teaching me to be the best I can in everything. Be it a Mom, a wife, a friend.

God is talking through her to me. I cannot describe how much I love her. I cannot believe how blessed I am. 

Cameron is my little man! Everyone says how he looks like me. Again, I cannot describe how filled I am with the pure goodness of having a child.  And I have two! One of each! Thank you Lord! 

Cameron is definitely like me.  When he's happy it is contagious. When he's mad, watch out! He feels strongly. Without question or doubt. He is sure. Not like Audrey. She's a lot like me in the sense that she's insecure and self-conscious. 

I am so blessed that God has given me such wonderful children! To be loved and to love them in return!


I am a good person. I deserve many things. I deserve to be good to myself. If I treat myself good then it will pour out on others.

Sacrificing is fine for life to go on in our home. I give up a lot to make our home run smoothly. But it's not a happy home if I don't enjoy life.

I'm on a mission. I'm taking a friend's New Year's resolution which is to be more sensual. That is to use candles, smells, lotions, visual, touch, etc.

I'm noticing what makes me happy...

1. Soft clothing. (especially soft slipper socks, soft-lined sweatshirts or sweatpants, pajamas, towels, robes)

2. Scented lotion (certain ones, not too overpowering)

3. Manicures and pedicures (for many years I haven't bothered with this. I've had to have my toenails removed a couple times because I didn't take the time to take care of me - nasty- no more. I feel cleaner, sexier, confidant when they look good)

4. A good haircut (I've let myself go for too long. My hair has been thinning and breaking. I'm using tea tree shampoo - mellaluca rocks- I didn't eat right and it shows)

5. Yoga (Bikram specifically. I miss it. The benefits are almost instantaneous. Getting a lot of oxygen to the brain certainly makes everything right.)

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Charisma R said:
posted on Mar 02, 2011
Doing pretty good on doing things for myself

I've hit every one on the list for myself except yoga. I should put that first now. I love Bikrahm "hot" yoga. 105 degree room temperature. I always felt so clear minded and energized. I forget how happy I was and how that trickles down to other areas in my life.