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  Title Date: 12/10/2009
Tiger Woods

I admit it, I fell for his wholesome family persona, perhaps "created" by a PR team, and I hate to see him fall so low, but he brought it on himself, and maybe moving to an island in Switzerland is the way to go for a while. Keep golfing, keep your head down, and your pants on. His father must be spinning in his grave.

John & Kate (Plus 8)

These two drama queens (yes, both of them), sicken me and how they exploit their personal failures and problems on the television for all of us to cringe at. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?? They unleashed 8 children into this world who are going to need years of therapy.

Kayne West

He's creative; he's artistic - we get it. But besides that fiasco of him taking the award from Taylor Swift, his creativity seems to have waned - take a year or two off and go find yourself again.

Fox News

Fair and balanced my arse. I am strictly down the middle when it comes to politics but the endless feigned indignation is getting OLD. They have good questions, good concerns, and good people - show them, debate rationally and stop acting as though it has the moral superiority buttonholed up with none left for anyone else.


Another eight children who are going to need years of therapy due to their mother's insatiable need for the spotlight.

The Burger King King

That guy is just creepy.

President Obama

Now hear me out - I know he's the president for at minimum the next 3 years, but I want to HEAR less of him and SEE more of him - less talk, more action.

Miley Cyrus

She's growing up before our eyes. That funny little Hannah Montana show girl is now grinding her hips and wearing hot shorts - too much, too soon, too fast.

Lady Gaga

I admit it - her songs make me want to dance. And her outfits are funny. But if you've ever seen her in an interview? Someone who looks sooooooooooooo bored to be there and is just doing her duty and it's their "right" to be in her presence. More singing, no talking/interviews.

Adam Lambert

Less focus on the make-up, the drama, the sexual aspect - first, make great music. Then you will have earned the rights to do talk about whatever you want to. Too much, too soon. You have to earn it first.


Hardest working girl in the industry, so they say. Take a break girl. Take a longggggggggggg vacation in the Bahamas. You've earned enough money and awards to last you five lifetimes. Take a vacation. You exhaust me.

Joe Jackson

Yuck. Let Michael's soul rest in peace it never found on earth.

Larry King & Barbara Walters

Time. To. Retire.

Osama bin Laden

If ever a man didn't deserve to live..... pure evil. Hope that cave falls on his head - forever entrapping him on those caves he loves so much.

Jaycee Dugard

I want her to live a life exploring hers, the outside world, her true family, and her therapist - far away from the glare of the media.

Sarah Palin

Electrifying as she may be to many, another part of the extremes of both sides of politics who speak as though they have a PR flak permanently attached to the other end of their phone. She quit her job because she felt she couldn't do it effectively because of the omnipresent press, yet spends her days after quitting to the media media media & more media. The mainstream media she vilifies is making her a millionaire.  

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