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If I think it, it must be true...

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  Title Date: 06/06/2010
The Four Great Truths

1. The bee evolved and honey was created for no other reason than for me to enjoy.
2. The entire Starbucks Corporation was founded so that I could enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
3. You exist for the sole purpose of me having someone to be better than.
4. That's life - get over it...

Buddha Bear

My Heroes

These are the people who have taught me what is important:

  1. Me, of course - I gotta be me
  2. James Bond - cool toys
  3. Batman - cool toys and a mask
  4. Zorro/V (same guy, different outfit) -
      a mask, a blade, and a horse
  5. Darth Vader - a mask and a cool voice
  6. Superman - X-ray eyes are cool
  7. Wolverine - claws are nice
  8. Spiderman - nobody fits in
  9. Red Green - never plan ahead
10. Courage the Dog - never give up

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