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Jill "Top 10" Lists > Ten Reasons Women Should Consider Polygamy

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  Title Date: 01/06/2011
Ten Reasons Women Should Consider Polygamy

1.       Who cares about legalities?  Hell, you can even get your fifteen minutes on Oprah and the government still looks the other way.

2.      You can have your own reality TV show and vote off the youngest, prettiest wife each week.  Hey, there’s only so much life insurance to go around.

3.      When you have a “headache” you can just call on a stand-in.

4.      Each wife can claim sixteen children on the taxes.  After a while, you forget which kids are yours, anyway.  Johnny, Ginny, it’s all the same.

5.      You’ll have an endless supply of “fat” and “skinny” jeans and/or jumper dresses.

6.      With your own place, you only have to pick up after a man once a week.

7.      Everyone understands your complaints about the mother in-law.

8.      The nagging gets divvied up between eight women, saving you time and energy.

9.      Ready-made bridal parties, bridal showers, and baby showers at your disposal. 

10.  Let them all complain about somebody else’s cooking for a change.

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