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Date Range: 11/27/1957 To 05/28/1976   Comments: 1 Views: 4049
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I was the eight children to Marcelline and James west.  I was born down in St. Louis city, Missouri and moved out to the county when I was one year and 6 months old.  We lived on 11641 Bowling Green Drive, Maryland Heights, MO. 63114.  Where I lived until I got married in August 1978.  My baby sister Ruth was born shortly after we moved there.  It was later change to Ladue, MO.

There was a sweet couple lived next door.  Their names were Anna Rebecca Vago and Bill Vago.  They never had any children.  They tried to adopted but because of the family business the state would not let them.  His father left a tavern in Maryland Heights to him and his sister.  He took care of the business and I think later he bought his sister out.  Anna was always give us flowers to give to our teachers, when school started.  She had a beautiful flower garden.  Lots of different kinds of Roses, Tiger Lilies, and a variety of different flowers.  We would talk for hours on her porch, setting in her glider.  I would bring her mail too her after school.  She kind of watched over us Children.  One time she told me when she came home I was setting in the middle of the road, I was over two years old at the time.  She picked me up and put me in my yard and told me not to move (and I didn't).  When she got in her drive way she looked at me and told me I could move and I ran into my house.  Anna had a beautiful, shine black car, which she had up till the time she moved after her husband Bill died.

When we were kids my dad would fish a lot at Fox Lake and we would play with the floats that were inside the fish.  Me, Frieda and Ruth would play together and make mud pies.  One time dad just paint the house a sky blue.  We threw mud pies at the wall, they would stick real good to it, but when dad seen it, we got a whipping with the razor strap.  We had to wash the mud off the bricks too.

I met a good friend during the summer before our eight grade started.  Her name was Sandra Kay Loveless.  She moved down the other end of the street from us.  My older sister (by one year) Frieda went down and met them.  She told me there was a girl that want to meet me and was in the same grade as me.  I was excited to meet her because earlier that year my best Sherry had moved away and I had no one to talk too.  We met and began best of friends like sisters.  I would stay down at her house so much that my mother said "they were going to charge her rent for me being there all the time".

When Sandra and her family went home to Neelyville, Missouri on the weekend and summer.  They had two acres and a little farm on it.  I would go with them, we always had the best time there.  Later before her eleven grade year at school her dad was in a car accident and they moved back down to Neelyville.  I would go down there and visit them.  Her fiance was William James, his family use to live down the road from me.  He had eleven children in his family, where I had nine, but we all ran around together.  So I know him like a brother.  So I would drive down with him on the weekends, when he would go for a visit to see her.  We all hung out together,  and sometimes go rolling skating or to the Dog N Suds.

During my ninth grade year (I believe it was) my dad had a heart attack and could not work any more.  one third of his heart was damage because of this.  He had several stroke and another heart attack later and the doctors said he only had a couple of years to live.  He told me he was going to live long unquiet to see me gradate from hight school, since I was the only one that was still in school.  Most of my family had dropped out of school during eight grade or tenth grade.  Some did go back and get there G.E.D. later.

I got out of school in January because I had enough credits.  Sandra graduated on May 11,1976 and I went down for it.
Then on May 28,1976 I graduated, Pattonville had being working on the football field and we were the first class to use it.  It was hot and my hair was falling down that day.  All my family and Sandra came too it.  It was a bicentennial year and every thing was red, white, and blue.  My sister Frieda, husband Edward and daughter Dawn took me to Dogpatch USA for the weekend to celebrate, we had a lot of fun.  Dogpatch USA has closed up since then.

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