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Jack Thomas Deater

1954 Utica

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Written by: Jack Thomas Deater [Whozzo]

I'll opt for introduction and maybe a statement of intent...

Please note: As a self proclaimed "apprentice geezer" the act of introduction feels awkward but, because of this communication portal, necessary. I'll try and be short.

In no significant order: Former husband 2X, Dad 2X too, Christian, Musician, Entertainer, Guitarist, Pianist, Bassist, Drummer (well I own and beat on drums), Owner and user of an undetermined number of other instruments, Loved Son, Semi-involved family member, Shade tree mechanic, House fix-it-or-live-with-it repairman, Home recording studio hack, At first reluctant but now semi-satisfied computer user, At first reluctant but now regretful cell phone owner, Ex truck driver, Ex maintenance supervisor, Ex salesman, Ex factory worker, Ex retail clerk, Ex retail manager, Encourager of children and young adults, Open book to some and closed book to the previously trusted but disappointing.

Now for the "why" I'm here...

This site interests me in that it's focus seems to be more about communicating than the social sites. Here, it seems, we can be more thoughtful about what we post. "Stories" rather than "comments". BTW... I intend to read more than write.

Please feel free to comment, contact, and annoy me if you want... I'm ready, willing, and able to return the favor. :)

Jack Thomas Deater [Whozzo]


Oct 30, 1954

City of Birth
Muskegon, MI

Home Town
Muskegon, MI


City (most recent)

Entertainer,Worship Leader

Marital Status

Cherish, Zachary