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My Crazy Life 

Date Range: 06/18/2014 To 06/18/2014   Comments: 1 Views: 581
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Hi, I'm Megan. Im 16 years old currently living in a residential treatment home. My life has been kind of ruff. Considering I lost both of my parents at age 10. It started when I was 4. My mom and dad had gotten a divorce. They weren't getting along and had a lot of disagreements. My father was drinking and my mother wasn't working. When they got a divorce the judge decided to put in a ruling that I would  go to my father on the weekend and live with my mom during the week. It became harder as I got older. Being dragged around between my parents. i just wanted a normal childhood and to be happy with both of my parents. My mother started to have a lot of new boyfriends and it became difficult for her to even remember to cook me dinner. At the age of 6 i was making my own meals. And it wasn't easy having new men in my house every week. When i was 7 my mom got remarried and everything was going good for once. But after a few months they're relationship had went south. They were arguing and hitting each other. All right in front of my face. I wanted to help my mother but I didn't know what to do. This abusive relationship went on for about 2 years. When i was about 8 she filed divorce from him and he disappeared without a trace. When i was 9 turning 10 my mom met a new guy. He was kind and was different from all the previous guys. But soon enough my mother had basically forgotten my existence and i had started feeling like a burden to her. Her boyfriend was molesting me right in front of her face and she didn't even care. She was never around. She would just have sex with him and forget i was still around. I was barely going to school and i didn't have a lot of clothes to wear either. My mother, her boyfriend would take trips to New York and  i didn't exactly know the reason. One day we took a trip to Newark. Me and my mom dropped her boyfriend at some apartments and we waited at a gas station for him to come meet us. He never came back. My mom got worried and asked some guys if they might have saw him. She described him and they said they had seen a guy 10 minutes before running from the police. She suddenly reversed herself out of the gas station and sped off to the police station. I had no idea what was going on. All i knew was it wasn't good. When we arrived at the police station she was taken in a room for a few hours. I sat in the police station for hours. Finally she came out. She whispered please dont tell them about the stuff that happened with my boyfriend (not saying names). She didn't want me to tell then he was molesting me. She was then taken back in and they were talking to her. Again i sat alone without anybody. Finally i was allowed to sit with her and she then told me i was going to go stay with my aunt and uncle for a few weeks and that she would come and get me soon. That night at about 12 am i had finally made it to my aunt and uncles house. I stayed thee for a few weeks and all i could think about was my mother. I was told that my mother was buying drugs in Newark and i was taken away from her. I had no words i was so shocked. I didn't want to talk to anybody i just wanted to run away. I held in my pain and continued on with my life. I started thinking about how i was molested by my moms boyfriend. I finally came up with the courage to tell my uncle. He seemed compassionate. Everyday he talked to me about it. Had me explain in details what had happened and what he did. It became to hard for me to tell him. I didn't want to keep talking about it. All of a sudden one day my uncle came to me and said im jealous. I didn't know what he had meant by that. I asked him. He told me he wishes i would do the things i was forced to do with my moms boyfriend to him. I didn't know how to feel about the whole thing. Way too many things were going on at one time. I lost my mother, was molested by her boyfriend and now my uncle. But i was afraid to tell anybody about my uncle. One minute he was like a father figure to me. And the next he was forcing me to touch him. And everything was happening so fast. I was lying to my aunt because i couldn't trust her so she was punishing me constantly. And the only way i would get out of punishment was by my uncle helping me. He would talk to her for me. But in return i had to touch him. I was caught in such a difficult situation. After 4 years i finally told a therapist everything that was happening with my uncle. They took me out of there house and i was put in UNDNJ in Piscataway. I spent 2 weeks there. I spent my time calling my aunt trying to get her to believe what her own husband was doing for 2 years. She denied it. She said she doesn't understand why im lying. I would spend endless hours crying feeling guilty. Everybody thought i was lying but i really wasn't. I didn't have anybody left. I felt so alone. When i left the hospital i went to the North Brunswick youth shelter. I stayed there for about 2 months. I started getting over everything and moving on with my life. I was 14 at the time. I started seeing my dad at the shelter and my grandma which was my aunts mom. I told them what had happened with my uncle. They cried and said that karma would get him for what he did. After the shelter i went to St. Agnes house in Bridgewater NJ. I stayed there for a year and a few months. I was getting therapy 2 times a week and did different groups with the other girls. I had no contact with my mom or dad and i was 16. I missed my mom but i hated what she did to me. Put her boyfriend and drugs over me. And let me suffer for it. Im currently living in a treatment home. I got to high school and i plan on being a therapist for other children in residential programs. My main goal in life is to see other children and people succeed through traumatic events. If you read this please find it in your hear to email me at with your thoughts. Thanks for your support 

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BetR NotoKnow said:
posted on Jul 17, 2014

I really admire you courage just nothing to say you did something that no one could support for all that time!  You won all respect and i wish you'd have everything you want from now and forever, that made you stronger than anyone else use this strength in your future life and think about the past you as a warrior, you went through all this and grow as a perfect person with ambition while other in a situation less bigger than yours would have choose the bad and easiest way: becoming exactly like their parents...  i'm really impressed and hope you are fine now :)