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How would you like to be remembered?

If the only two inevitables are death and taxes, Story of My Life® is jumping feet first into the fire by helping you to write all of the different Stories that make up your Life, and enriching them with videos and pictures while securely storing and making them accessible - forever. Together we are creating a global community and heritage by linking together Stories of everyone. When you write the Story of your Life, you are participating in this collective historical anthology by leaving behind a Legacy of yourself - your footprint upon this earth.

What we are:

We are the world?s largest collection of online Stories of people?s lives. With easy to use tools, privacy and access settings, you create social circles and bonds with all of the people important to your life. The Story of My Life® site helps you build an interactive and rich, 360-degree view of who you are: your accomplishments, your feelings and thoughts, your narrative ? the essence of who you are and what you will leave behind.

Oh, and we can even help with those taxes - you can donate to the nonprofit Foundation which is honored with perpetually preserving your Life Story!

Our Mission:

Story of My Life and its Foundation have an ambitious goal: to collect the life Story of every person who has walked the face of this earth ? in the past, the present and our futures; and to keep these Stories preserved and accessible forever.

We are building a website to last through the generations. We believe in the power of the Internet to bring us closer together and in the strength of information-building to empower, teach and share with future generations.

We respect your right to Privacy and are sensitive to how words can impact others. With that you can keep your Story private until you?re ready to tell it. We do want you to consider how in centuries from now, only a few individual?s legacies from each era will be remembered on their own. For everyone else, it?s very important that you leave your own Legacy. Story of My Life® helps you tell your Story ? both how and when you want it told.

The Future:

We have some exciting features for our future versions designed to help you write your Life Story faster and easier and with even greater security features. While we work on increasing the site functionality, we?d be delighted if you could share with us your wish list of features. After all, it?s your Legacy and this site will be less if you do not participate.

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