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why i tried to kill myself 

Date Range: 06/12/2014 To 06/12/2014   Comments: 3 Views: 479
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Hey my name is mike and i just want to tell every one how i feel i grew up in an abusive home and other kids at school never liked me but when i started getting older i realized girls didn't like me ether and it crushed me emotionally i started burning myself cutting myself piercing myself and crying all the time it landed me in the mental hospital many times and i even tried to kill myself when i was 19 years old (still a virgin) i was waiting my whole life to find a loyal girl that will actually love me for my true self and not how i look on the outside then finally came the day after 2 years in the mental hospital struggling with my emotional problems came the day i lost hope and took enough medication to overdose 20 times i guess i lived and people say im lucky but i feel this intense hatred for a second when ever i hear that because i still feel very hopeless to this day im 24 now and thoughts of ending my life have became usual threw the years but i have reasons to live that i still haven't figured out like that thin red line of hope i may actually live a happy life and one day and my worst fear that i may die alone had never experiencing true love....  thanks 

cocabuts@outlook.com      e-mail me if u want to talk 

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Member Since
Jun 2014
Megan Rebecca said:
posted on Jun 18, 2014

I read your story and it would be great if you would email me. Megandaley8@gmail.com. I feel you're pain and it would be nice to hear your story. Thanks 

Member Since
Jul 2014
BetR NotoKnow said:
posted on Jul 17, 2014

You should never hear what people say about you ! everyone has a reason to be here and none of them has choose this life or his family and not even his appearance,  I emailed you and i know what you are feeling i have been through this since i was 4 and i still do in my 18th year... 

Member Since
Aug 2014
Amery Atigy said:
posted on Aug 31, 2014

My friend, you have a really important purpose by being alive. We all do. Unfortunately, most people don't pay attention to it. You searching for who you are and what your purpose is at the age of 24 means that you are way ahead of the game than most people. I know some people who are 60 years old and have never taken the time to ask themselves those questions to see what their true purpose in life is. Instead they just watch a lot of TV drink a lot of beer and complain about their job everyday. Trust me, you are right where you need to be for the experience that was designed for you in this moment and time.
Pain is necessary. The more pain you experience in life now only means that you are being set up for even greater success in the future once you learn from it and accept it. You wont realize how these hard times are beneficial to you until a few years down the road when someone else happens to experience the same issues that you have, and you end up saving their lives because you can relate to them with your experience. You are extremely important to the world. You have to keep searching for what your purpose is. Sit in a quiet room all by yourself often and just think.....Think about what would make you the happiest man on earth. It might take a week, it might take an entire year. Once you find out, you better go after it with everything you got. You might fail the first time, second time or even fifth time, but you are bound to succeed no matter what, as long as you never quit trying. 
Don't ever be afraid to fail, as a matter of fact, embrace your failures as long as you keep failing forward. Meaning every time you fail, you need to get back up and try it again. As long as you fail forward, that only means you are one step closer to your goal. You only truly fail if you quit. So don't ever quit.
As for your relationship problem. Know that people mature more as they get older. Once you hit late 20's - early 30's you will notice more and more women coming around because they start to see the beauty in people who are different, and they grow tired of what most people consider important at a younger age like cars, parties and booze. Trust me all that will change for you once the majority catches up to your level of maturity. Like I said, your just ahead of the game here so don't ever think that your the one with faults.