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Brenda Tuttle

Las Vegas

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Written by: Brenda Tuttle

About The Author, Brenda Leukhardt Tuttle
Born in:
Favorite Food:
  Chocolate!  She likes to eat chocolate on almost anything.  She's never met a chocolate that she did not like!
  baking, traveling, road trips, cruise ship trips, eating at unique restaurants, being the "Las Vegas Dessert Examiner" for, surfing the internet for new dessert recipes and calling her grandparents on the phone (grandparents are fun!)  

  Brenda was born in Hershey, PA and loved the smell of "brownies" that filled the air when chocolate was being made at the Hershey's Chocolate Factory.  Her favorite activity was eating the oversized chocolate peanut butter cookies and riding the "How Chocolate is Made" ride in Chocolate World.  After eating the goodies, she would enjoy a rush of adrenaline provided by Hershey Park roller coasters.  Upon completing high school, she attended 
culinary school in Pittsburgh, PA, where she graduated as Valedictorian and also met her fabulous husband, Joe Tuttle.  After living all over the United States and working as a pastry chef, she settled in Las Vegas, NV.  While living in Las Vegas, she was inspired by her husband, who is a "Real Character" and turned him into the cartoon character, Chef Joey.  She continues to eat the world, one dessert at a time!

Chef Joey Circa January 2008
Chef Joey Circa January 2008
The Original Drawing of Chef Joey Circa January 2008 Chef Joey Circa January 2008 Chef Joey Circa May 2009
  About The Character, Chef Joey    Chef Joey started as a fun pencil drawing on a piece of plain white printer paper back in January 2008.  His talent, skill and personality are based on real life chef, Joe Tuttle.  Chef Joey, the cartoon, sports classical checkered chef pants, a contemporary white chef jacket, festive orange clogs and a poofy white chef hat.  He was created by Brenda L. Tuttle.  Stay tuned to see how the character, Chef Joey develops!  There are friendships, romance, children and a lot of fantastic food along the way!

Brenda Tuttle

City of Birth
Hershey, PA


City (most recent)
Las Vegas


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