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Upgrade Big with Little Effort 

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When considering remodeling or upgrading the décor of a home, many homeowners believe it to be a much larger project than it actually needs to be.  Sometimes the most simple of upgrades can make the biggest difference in a home, and most of the time all homes need is a little sprucing up in the décor department rather than a complete remodeling project that could cost thousands of dollars.  A big reason homeowners do not consider small updates like décor is because styles change so frequently, and décor can be expensive.  There are several classic ways to decorate without having to worry about a style change.  Classic furniture in neutral tones can easily be modernized with colorful throw pillows that are easy to change out when styles change.  Purchasing quality furniture can be expensive, however buying pieces that are timeless can be a great investment that will save thousands over time simply because they last longer than cheap furniture and they can be kept up with the trends.  Another reason why homeowners steer away from updating décor is because they are not sure how to make décor look good and in style.  

From home to hotel
One of the appeals of nice hotels is how well the rooms are put together.  We have all walked into a fancy hotel room and wished there was a way our homes could have the same feel.  Achieving the put together and fresh feel of a hotel room is actually pretty simple.  According to the Huffington Post, hotels love to mix and match accessories.  Pick decorative items that are the same or similar in color but have different textures in order to add variety.  Create the illusion of a fuller bed by covering it with two duvets and lots of throw pillows.  Give a dramatic feel by putting bold wallpaper in small areas like bathrooms.  These are all simple ways to upgrade a home without spending a fortune.  

Shopping online vs in stores
While purchasing furniture or major décor items online is not highly recommended, it is definitely doable.  Homeowners who shop online should do their research on the company before actually spending money.  They should know they are getting the exact piece they want from the descriptions the company adds about the piece.  The nice part about furniture and décor shopping in stores is better because homeowners can see exactly what they are purchasing and gain a better idea of what it will look like in their home.  

Upgrades that increase home value

Upgrades should always increase the value of a home even if homeowners are not planning on moving.  Anything that adds value to a home will not only boost appraisal rates, but give an upgraded vibe to the home ultimately keeping it up-to-date and reassuring the homeowners that the home is in good condition.  If homeowners make an effort to keep their homes updates they will save money by not facing major fixes in the future.  

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