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black magic 

Posted on: 04/29/2014   Comments: 0   Views: 377  

The topic which i have selected is very common among people. Black magic is a thing which is affecting people very badly, me too suffering from this thing.Black magic can be done on anybody with the help of evil jinns n spirits u can say, it can destroy a person, can make life hell. Now i am gonna share my own experience in black magic. Before my marriage, i didnt even know anything about black magic but after my love marriage, every thing changes in my life, just after my marriage, someone cast spells on us, i had 2 miscarriages, my husband gets very sick n just because of magic my husband can see evil spirit around him n talk to them n behave very badly, starts drinking blood and eats raw meat n cry aloooooots, and sometimes he sits in middle of road he didnt know whats going on. After that someone was controlling his mind, he always fight with me n above all i was really hurt for all things n decided to commit sucicide n i burnt my self n was hospitalzed for 3 months, i was burnt very badly, still suffering from magic, and i amreally in aloooot of pain, and wanna tell every one doing magic on anyone is not a solution of anything, this is really dangerous and it can only destroys someones life nothing else. Stay 100000 ft away from this............thnx

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