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  Gently flipping her curly, sand-dune inspired hair, Nicole Brumgardner opens a soda with her long red nails and curses as she breaks one. "I KNEW that was going to happen, and yet I did it anyway! It's like I have to test the universe to see if it's really going to follow the laws of ...


All Alone at the Sixty-Four World's ...

The backstage of the pavilion was simple with its wooden floors and temporary props. The 1964 World’s Fair of Flushing, NY would come and go and no one would remember the little five year-old girl who played with her Barbies in its grand shadow. While some country stars were just cutting ...


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as far as I remember 

Date Range: 03/13/1997 To 04/13/2000   Comments: 0 Views: 823
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Im now a 17 year old girl who has never had a true best friend. But let's start from the beginning so you understand this story. My mom had for girls , I'm the second eldest she never married even though men always hit on her they still do. My mom just brushes out off. I look just like my mother, I'm her mere image.out old us for girls I look just like her my other sisters look mostly like their fathers. We all have different dad's. Our dad's didn't believe we were theirs only one of us got their last name and it wasn't me. My mom moved tho North Carolina when my dad told her to move here, Thank God her did. I love North Carolina, I want to live here name is Steph.D my older sister is Elle. The last twos names are Kat, and londra. 

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