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Filming A Revival 

Written by Storyteller: Sarah Peppel   Comments: 5

Dewayne Rudd’s tears misted the viewfinder of his camera as he filmed men bowing their heads reverently and praying one at time in Arabic, Chinese, English, Indian, Japanese, Spanish, and a common African dialect. Seven different language ministers prayed the same prayer request. In their own language, they prayed that God would bring revival to America, and to every nation and tongue.

The idea for the multi-lingual prayer in the revival documentary formed as Dewayne roamed the halls of a 2008 revival conference at First Baptist Church of Lilburn. He loved using film to capture people helping others as a part of their life mission and his documentaries were growing quickly in number.


Between flights for his regular job as a UPS pilot, Dewayne realized earlier at age 50 that God had more planned for him than empty nights in anonymous hotels, waiting for the next plane to land. Discussing his new outlook with a friend, he realized that God was calling him to document the work of the veterans hospital where his father suffered dementia from Alzheimer’s. First through writing, Dewayne captured his father’s last days along with the lives of others on the same ward. This period of creative exploration also drew Dewayne closer and closer to God as he interspersed writing books with the inspirational works of E.M Bounds and J. Vernon McGee’s commentary on the Bible.


On the way to his first writer’s conference, Dewayne wrote this prayer in the margin of his copy of Bounds’ “The Classic Collection on Prayer”:


“Lord Jesus, let there be a powerful and wonderful revival of sinners to your righteousness in this country and throughout the world, soon. Lord, please use the EU (Eisenhower Unit), staff, and families in this revival through the E.U. book and documentary. Please lead us in this effort by the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ’s precious atoning blood. Amen.”


Many more prayers were written in the margins as ideas grew and took shape in Dewayne’s life. After publishing a feature magazine article, Dewayne studied film to share his father’s experience through documentary work.  Several other amazing, award winning stories followed giving Dewayne the exact tools he needed at the revival conference to catch this powerful moment. His second documentary highlighted a father and son watching the awe-inspiring space shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center. His third film followed the Americana Music Group on their mission to China, spreading the message of God’s love through music.


Dewayne met a talented bi-lingual composer, musician, and singer, Gustavo Renovalez, through reading an article about Gustavo's daughter, who was suffering from cystic fibrosis. Gustavo would become a critical part of the music ministry and background accompaniment for Dewayne’s future non-profit Cross and Flag Productions.

Walking down the church hall between revival meetings, Dewayne spied a magazine article in a framed case on the wall. It highlighted the language ministry of the church. He had already been thinking that he wanted to film a bold prayer based on Matthew 18:19-20 and document its outcome. He wanted to see what happened when Christians really do get together and pray in Christ’s name. He knew what grace, the precious blood of Jesus and prayer meant to him. Through film, he would share exactly what revival could mean to others – its scriptural definition, the conditions for it happening, the cost of it, the blessing of it, and God’s sovereignty versus our prayers for God to bring it.


Meditating on the concept in his hotel room, he was given the idea for the language pastors to agree on one particular prayer request and all pray it in their native tongues. Both the organizer of the event, Greg Gordon, and pastor of the church, Ken Hall supported his enthusiasm. Dewayne had the go-ahead to set up his camera.


In the course of the weekend, Dewayne also filmed several sermons and interviewed many of the speakers. He captured powerful musical moments during the praise and worship portions of the conference and interviewed the highly influential Dr. Henry Blackaby, author of “Experiencing God.”


At the time, Dr. Blackaby’s book had sold over 6 million copies in over 60 languages. Dr. Blackaby’s sermon and interview centered around the following main point: “The healing of America waits on the repentance of God’s people.”


His biblical support for the statement came from 2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”


Coming home, Dewayne would have to divide his time between film projects: the revival one; a documentary on Mercy Medical Airlift, a non-profit corporation providing charitable medical transport for children, veterans, and those in financial distress; and a film about a small church in southern Mexico that sent over 40 evangelists into the nations surrounding Mexico, resulting in the martyrdom of 15 church members. In addition, his plans would include setting up a website to document the answered prayers of the men at the conference.


No stranger to risk, Dewayne would navigate the cloudy skies of life with knees bended and head bowed in prayer. The ministry was taking off and God had him in the pilot’s seat. With a passionate heart for revival, he would use skills and talents honed later in life to serve the Lord and watch as prayers lifted up in perseverance and perpetual refinement were answered in God’s sovereign timing.



 Thank you Dewayne, for sharing your Story with us.


Our Stories and pictures are the sole copyright of their Authors and may not be reprinted or used without their permission.
© 2008 by Sarah Peppel and Story of My Life®

Dewayne Rudd is the president of Cross and Flag Productions (, an IRS 501(c)3 religious-educational, media creation corporation. Their mission is global Christian outreach using the creative arts to support Christian and humanitarian organizations around the world. Operating on tax—deductible donations, their films have been requested by over 220 public, educational, and governmental stations around the country, translating into over 9 million homes.

Three complete film clips and Dewayne’s manuscript for his father’s story can be downloaded for free from the website. Also available are English and Spanish versions of popular books by popular Christian author Boyce Mouton and original music from the films by Gustavo. News about the revival projects will be available at

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Member Since
Jan 2008
Suzan Kilner said:
posted on Dec 26, 2008

Hi Dewayne, where'd you get your name from? it's an unusual spelling. I hope that you will write stories on each of those adventures described above. Would love to read more about your travels and such!

Member Since
Dec 2008
Dewayne Rudd said:
posted on Dec 28, 2008

Hi Suzan, thanks for the nice comments.  Mom called me Stephen for a day or two before Uncle Roy convinced dad to name me Dewayne.  I think he saw it in a book of baby names.  I will try writing a few blogs and see how it goes.  I've got a manuscript, Fading Away at Wilmore, posted on our free download page at

Member Since
Jul 2008
Greta Schäfer said:
posted on Jan 03, 2009

You've done a very neat thing. Getting people from all over speaking their own native tongues together like that. I've never been to a revival. What are they exactly?

Member Since
Dec 2008
Dewayne Rudd said:
posted on Jan 04, 2009

Guten morgen, Greta and Vielen Dank for your comments.  What I filmed in Atlanta was not exactly a revival, although it had elements of one.  Part of the work of our website will be to present some definitions of revival.  Basically it is a work of God to renew the work He has begun in His own people, and to also use this renewal to draw unbelievers to Christ.  You can read a revival definition, and related scriptures on the home page of the website.  If you want to go to a revival, have one in your own heart, then ask God to envelope you with His love. 

Member Since
Jan 2009
Dale Hannity said:
posted on Jan 14, 2009

Sounds about pretty interesting. I will check it out. As I get older, I find I need God more ..