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Am I a bad person 

Date Range: 08/26/2014 To 08/26/2014   Comments: 1 Views: 826
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My name is Kimberly I'm 19 years old my dad past away when I was 2 years old my mom had a hard time raising me. Three months ago my mom invited few friend over was in my room not in the mood for people went to bed early. Woke up in the middle of the night my blankets on the floor and got no pants on I got up to go to the bathroom saw the light was on in my mom's room walk in her room there she was standing naked she asked me if I'm okay went back to my room put a pants on went to bed. Few hours later woke up as my bedroom door closes felt my blanket getting pulled off just laying there with my eyes closed. open my eyes little bit saw my mom standing on her knees next to my bed busy pulling my pants down. I didn't know what to do so I just lie there with my eyes closed crying as she playing with me.

When I saw her the next morning couldn't stop crying ask her what she was doing in my room was so angry. Later that day after I calm down we talked.She told me that when I was 5 years old she didn't work at that time she had to get money to care for me so she invite few friend over for drinks some of them give her money then they get a hour with me in my room. One weekend she had to much to drink and passed out next morning I was crying she pulled my pants down saw all the skim was rubbed off inside between my pussy lips.
Asked my mom why can't I remember this she told me everytime she invite people over she drug me so that I can't remember what happened any feel nothing.

one night she came to my room putting a cold cloth on my pussy to get the swelling down kissing my pussy better. She decided that only girls and woman can get time alone with me she will fuck the men. I was so shocked asked her how many times did it happen she replied some weekends between 6 and 9 of her friends.

I know what they did is unforgettable still having trouble sleeping at night but I try to deal with what happened and move on.  

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Aug 2014
Steven Tan said:
posted on Aug 27, 2014

Ugh, I seriously hope this is fiction, at least in part.
If it's not, please do seek help - how could this person be anything but a victim?  There are many organizations that can help abuse victims.  :/