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Date Range: 11/26/2000 To 11/30/2000   Comments: 1 Views: 497
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Okay here we go first entry about how I was born.....

I was born on the 26th of November 2000 at around 2:45 am. My mum and dad had been going to go out for pizza the previous night as the next day they were going to the hospital; because I was 2 weeks late. However it is my goal in life to mess everything up so I decided"I wanna see the world now I'm SOOO bored in here LET ME OUT!!!" 

My dad than drove to the hospital with mum In the back, in the dead of night. When they got there my mum was rushed to a birth pool and well you know what happens..... .When I was finally born the nurse grabbed hold of me and removed me from the room thinking I was dead because I wasn't breathing!!!! However 5 seconds later she bought me back in again phew I was alive. 

I looked unlike most baby's though. I was extremely pale and quite, I hadn't cried once yet, and was extremely small on the average hight. Also she weighed me I appeared right at the bottom of the chart. I'm very happy I didn't live in ancient times otherwise I might have been left on a mountain to die!

After a day they let us go home only to have us return a few days later because I was refusing to wake up, I just slept all the time!!! It turned out I had something I think is called jandis? It also explained why I looked a little yellow...... .To feed me they used to prick my heels with a pin so I'd wake up. Finally after I'd been cured we went home. 

However this wasn't the end of my time in hospital, much to my parents dismay. For unknown to them at the time I had asthma, exma and a load of allergies. They thought I was safe from all of these though as scientists had said that if you don't feed your kids dairy for their first 6 months-a year period they would be very little chance of them having them. Seems they were wrong.

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John Edwards said:
posted on Jul 01, 2014

keep the story coming Lara,do it now while you remember all the details,I am trying to fill in the last ten years and such a lot happens.  But keep at it girl we will all love you for it John