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Consciousness and its effect on the modification of space-time 

Posted on: 06/11/2013   Comments: 0   Views: 5739  

I tried to submit my scientific article to but failed to do so because it requires anyone who wants to submit to be endorsed by an existing user of the system. I asked many scientists in their network but got no response. I am not affiliated with any university and do not have many contacts in the scientific community. I am basically coming outside the box but the box is closed and sealed. Some scientists that I asked directly do not want to endorse me for few reasons. For once, it’s not in their field of expertise and for second, I am questioning the theory of relativity which is one of the most acclaimed, tested theories of all and for that reason they think I must be wrong. Since I must be wrong, they do not want to endorse me. I thought that endorsing someone in the scientific community meant “I believe there is good scientific content and thoughts in the article worth to be shared within the scientific community even though I may agree or disagree”. But it looks like the community has a different view of what endorsing mean which is “I believe in everything in this article and for that reason I am endorsing it”. Who is right or what should it be?

Since I am the owner of my own social network, I am lucky to have a place to share it to all. I do not need or any even though it would have been greater to have it shared for discussion in many places.

Anyhow, my scientific article was based on existing blog posts that I wrote starting in 2009. I attached in this blog the PDF of my scientific paper “Consciousness and its effect on the modification of space-time” that was generated from a Latex Editor. In it, I added few more experiments from my prior blogs as well as more precise results. Hope you will enjoy.

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