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I was born in a town so small it didn’t even have its own postal code. I could walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes. There were more cows than people (2000). But Warwick, which sits between Montreal and Quebec City, has a lot going for it:

  Title Date:  01/04/2008  
Only mountain to ski

You’d think in Quebec we’d have great skiing. A lot of snow, but only 3 mountains. One is in Warwick, my home town.


1 of all 20 Canadian family billionaires lived on my home street.

Mr. Lemaire made his fortune from making paper. Good for him, he retired before the internet took over.

The national meal comes from my Home town

The national meal (province of Quebec), Poutine, was created here, with our own special cheese.


Highest rate of millionaire per capita in Canada for a town.

Highest rate of millionaire per capita in Canada for a town. This has been published in the Mclean Magazine, a major publisher in Ontario.

First city to get asphalt in Canada

First city to get asphalt in Canada. One of the richest men in the world was living in our town at the beginning of the 20th century.

First French Canadian prime minister, Mr Wilfrid Laurier came from my Home town

First French Canadian prime minister, Mr Wilfrid Laurier came from my home town. Arthabaska to be more precise, which is 2 miles away.


The biggest farm in Canada

The biggest farm in Canada is in Warwick. A lot of milk is produced to make a lot of cheese.

Biggest cheese festival in the world

My Home town host the biggest cheese festival in the world.


Where the ski doo was invented

The ski doo was invented by Armand Bombardier a few miles from my home town. They are now one of the biggest transportation engineering companies in the world.


Strongest man that ever lived

Strongest man that ever lived, Louis Cyr was born a few miles from my home town.


Biggest grocery store

One of the biggest grocery stores in Canada until mid 70s.

Assassination of Dr Gerald Bull

This is the scientist who was engineering giant cannons. It was supposed to shoot a bullet that could weigh thousands of pounds at a range of thousands of miles away. A revolutionary system that could have made the multi million dollar rockets unnecessary. His idea was great if used in a good way. For example, launching satellites into orbit for few dollars. But he decided to go to the dark side and contracted to build his cannon for Iraq. This was a surprise to everyone when it hit the national news; to find out he was doing some of his experimentation not far from my Home town. Not something to be proud of. No one knows who assassinated him. Some say it's the Israeli government, some say it's the CIA. A rumor says it's one of the farmers that got his cow hurt by one of those bullets.


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