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The Worst Car I Ever Had 

Date Range: 01/01/1994 To 12/31/1994   Comments: 6 Views: 19749
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First before you read about the worst car I ever had, let me tell you what I used to drive before making this horrible mistake.


My first real car I owned was a "Firefly". Some kind of "GEO Metro" but ran on 3 cylinders. This was the only thing I could afford just before I went to College. I liked it. It was bringing me around and getting 50 MPG. Cheap and good. Unfortunately, after 5 years, the car started to run out of juice. One cylinder failed, I could not repair it, no money. The car was running on 2 cylinders and dark fumes were coming out of his tail. I had to find a replacement car since the cost of repairing it was too high compared to buying another used one. My budget was quite low - in the range of 1 thousand dollars.


I found this immaculate Volkswagen Jetta in the paper classifieds. When I saw it, was impressive. The paint and interior was in top shape. I inspected it, drove it. Seemed to be all ok for the budget I had. The guy even gave me a couple of hundred for my "Firefly" so the deal was pretty good. I got the car and drove it for 6 months without any problems.


Strike 1:


Then in a 2 week span, everything happened all of a sudden. I was driving on a bridge called "Pont Pierre Lapporte" in Quebec City in the winter time, and my hood just opened up while I was driving at 60MPH. This was not a good place to stop the car, an icy road on the bridge. I had snow on my windshield and the hood was open. I don't have to tell you that my vision was obstructed. The spot I was seeing through was pretty much the size of a penny. I managed to pass over the bridge by slowing down a bit to give a chance to cars behind me to slow down and notice my little situation. I managed to stay alive.


Strike 2:


On the same bridge coming back 2 days later, I had to pass a car. The road was icy still. I accelerated to pass a few cars and the accelerator got stuck. I was accelarating towards the car in front of me and well beyond the cars I wanted to pass. I had about 3 seconds to react. I did not know what to do so I started braking and put the gears in neutral. The RPM of the engine went to the highest limit possible in the red markers and the engine just stopped. I was able to continue over the bridge in neutral and pull over. I saved my life once again and the car even re-started after an hour.


Strike 3:


One week later, I had to visit some friends in Quebec City. This time it was a nice day and the weather had cooled down. I was driving normally, turned and all the sudden felt a big bump. I didn’t think it was a big problem but was a little surprised since the road was clean and I did not see any holes. I looked out the mirror and saw fire. The same kind of fire you see when you sharpen your ice skates but on a larger scale. What was that? And then 1 sec later, I see a wheel passing me by. All this took about 3 seconds. I knew then that I had lost my back wheel completely and was driving on 3 wheels. The car was stable though; it was not life threatening. I fixed that problem and started to look for another car.

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Susan Janneck said:
posted on Oct 15, 2007

That was just too funny for words. Glad you were safe though to be able to tell it later and I hope laugh too.

Member Since
Oct 2007
Christiane Poitras said:
posted on Oct 22, 2007

Yes... this is all true! I was there to witness at least two of the three events. It is quite funny now that I look back at it years later. At the time, I wasn't laughing though. I do remember other "car" stories, but I'll let Patrick tell them if he wants to.

Member Since
Nov 2007
Not Hull said:
posted on Nov 23, 2007

Wow.....the cards were stacked against you from day one. Hopefuly you no longer have to endure anymore mechanical nightmares like these. I have to agree though.....this story was very humorous.

Member Since
Dec 2007
Jodie Andrefski said:
posted on Apr 30, 2008

But first car was an sad is THAT??? But after that...I had a powder blue Ford Pinto...ya know..the ones that were recalled due to engine explosions? of those. And I had to really laugh when I read your story of the hood flying up. I had the exact same thing happen to me with the Pinto. I was driving down Rt 61 in PA.....whooooosh! up goes the hood...I'm like...YIKES! I manage to get off the road...but mine wouldn't stay down. Here, a little old man living in the house right near where I pulled off saw me, and comes out and offers me one of those black bungee things to use to keep it closed so I could drive home. (btw...I had bought my Pinto for a whopping $500 bucks when my Opel died...I was a freshman in

Member Since
Apr 2008
Krisna Reece said:
posted on May 28, 2008

And it reminds of a few cars owned by my friends back in the day! I cannot stop laughing at the part where you lost the wheel! Thanks for sharing!

Member Since
Aug 2007
Archibald Sharron said:
posted on Aug 31, 2008

$1000 Canadian? That was still not a small amount of money for a young college graduate. My first car cost $100 USD and I thought that a princely sum. I'm very glad to hear you were not hurt in your car escapades. With regards, Archie Sharron