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Walks with Wolves 

Date Range: 01/05/1978 To 01/05/1978   Comments: 3 Views: 3569
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This is a special event that occurred in the 70s when I was at a young age. It was in the winter in Quebec, Warwick, my home town. I used to like sliding down the hill in front of our home. I had to cross our neighbor's house a few yards away then I could step in the farm field between our town's ski mountain and our house. The ski mountain was too far away, a few miles and we can see it clearly but too far for a small boy to walk miles for a slide. In that farm field, there was a hill that was easy to climb and slide. We used to slide it quite often every winter that I could remember.


One of those days, I went to see if the snow was good for sliding; I was walking as I normally do. Coming back, I saw a grey and white dog walking towards me, between me and the neighbor's house. It was huge. At least compared to me and my size. I liked dogs and still like them but adding my naivety back then on top of that and you can picture a little boy not afraid of petting small or big dogs. I watch that dog who's looking at me, still walking between me and the house. He seems to be afraid for some reason, or perhaps hesitant. He was certainly looking at me, very curious and very attentive to my movements. I decided to go and see by myself what's up with this frightened dog. Why would he be afraid of me? I started walking towards the dog and the dog starting to walk towards me as well. Getting closer, about 20 yards from him, the dog started to slow down. He seemed to be surprised. I continued going towards him to pet him and the dog stopped walking but still watched my movements - very attentive to the details. When I reached about 10 yards, he started to back-off slowly, and at that point I realized that if I don't run to catch him, he would just take off. So I ran towards him to try to pet him. He got scared and took off.


I was disappointed that I could not pet the dog but I heard a noise from the porch of the neighbor's house and I saw Mr Houle coming out and tell me "Hey Patrick, do you know what that was?” I responded "yes, a huge dog". He then told me, "Yes, a huge wolf, I'm glad you scared the shit out of him".


Back then, to a little boy (a tasty snack) - a wolf or a dog, what's the difference?

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Member Since
May 2009
Klarity Belle said:
posted on Aug 27, 2009

What a wonderful memory you have - you felt no fear as an innocent young boy who thought the wolf to be a 'huge dog' and the wolf sensed your confidence. I wonder if he saw or sensed Mr Houle's protective gaze in the background and that is what made him run away?

Member Since
Jan 2009
Jeff Gossamer said:
posted on Aug 31, 2009

I wonder if children smell differently to wild animals than adults do. It's a damned good thing you didn't "pet" this "dog"!

Member Since
Aug 2007
Tomas Frye said:
posted on Aug 31, 2009

did you also "Dance with the wolves"???