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Rianna Krushchechevii [Ri]


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Written by: Rianna Krushchechevii [Ri]

    I was born Riis Nikita Krushchechevii in the year of 1995 in the month of October on the 13th day. Sadly, it started on a rocky path my mother was an angel that could only have come from god. But my father was an abusive alcoholic that seemed to be a spawn from the devil. So there it began a childhood lacking in hugs and kisses most youngsters recieve. Even though my childhood was short it was still full of memories worth cherrishing. The moments I hated were those were my father came home late drunk and our front living room some how becoming a boxing ring.     
    Skipping forward a few years, in the year of 2000 I started school. Thus changing my life forever. Somehow school became an escape, a place were I didn't have to worry about what would happen if I made a mistake or didn't complete something the way it was supposed to be completed. In the beginning of my first grade year though all that seemed to dissappear. For during this time period I came to thee Americas for the first time. Which seemed to make school just as  much of a place called hell as my home had become. That year was full of insults, vulgar attacks and cruelty. Which ultimatly tore me apart inside causing me to grow cold and somehow became known as the girl with no friends. Many people only saw me for what was on the outside which to be honest was just an angery little girl. But on the inside I was a terrified child pleading for someone to come and save her. On the inside I was slowly dying with each passing day. School was no longer an escape it was a passage to hell. It was just another palce that I did not belong.

Rianna Krushchechevii [Ri]


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Oct 13, 1995

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Novokuznetsk, Russia

emt/ hazmat tech/ firefighter

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