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Another serious wakeup call 

Date Range: 11/04/2013 To 11/04/2013   Comments: 0 Views: 2124
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I decided to post this update after capturing more information on the “Alien” situation. If you are not aware of my previous original post, you should take a look first at:

The question today is where are we on resolving this life threatening issue of which many will categorize as a National Security matter. After capturing more information, I can tell that the situation is not good at all. It has gotten worse.

After their arrival, in 1977, they learned how our world works, and who is really in charge. They figured out many easy things that are also obvious to us, for instance, which country is the most powerful. They settled in United States for that reason. They learned how the United States political game works and they also have many senators in Congress. They learned and discovered several things that are not obvious to everyone; they figured out that many secret societies exist and that they are infiltrating our agencies as well as our political system. It’s not new news that we have gangs doing some criminal activities but some are extremely sophisticated. One of those is the most powerful of them called the “Illuminati” which counts about 5 million members. They used to be 2 million in the early 1990s and they’ve grown quite a bit since then. The “Orionese” gained control of this society and figured out how their system works. Using them, they were able to infiltrate pretty much every agencies that exists in United States. The FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service, you name it, are all f**ked.

From that info, it’s getting worse from there. This secret society which has existed for centuries has a process in place of mind control. It used to be basic back in the beginning days, but with the help of the Orionese, it has now become very advanced. They are using the Aliens’ technologies to mess with people’s minds. This secret society is composed of humans doing Aliens’ work. Their system works by creating a split personality in someone’s mind until this person is categorized as “mind slave”. When that point is reached, the new personality can be turned on or off at will and when on, will obey to any orders. One of the “orders” is to repeat this process to someone else, thereby building and growing their network. All members, mostly human, have alien technologies in their possession, some “orbs” the size of peas and some remote controls requiring only 3 volts of power. We discovered that the orbs are manufactured here on earth, in some particle accelerators facilities. Every member can be activated or deactivated and when deactivated, they go back to their normal life, doing their normal jobs and most of them have no clue they are members of that secret society.

We know today that the agents working for the CIA, FBI, etc. are manipulated with wrong information. Some have the correct info, some don’t, and they are asked not to share any info with each other or anyone else, thus keeping it compartmentalized. They are manipulated and it is pathetic to see someone that should be trained is being manipulated so easily. Basically, they are completely dysfunctional. The Orionese are still in control today and all the rules that those agencies are following are the rules set in place by the Aliens for more than 30 years ago. They are following nonsense rules, inflexible ones that will only help the Aliens if nothing is changed. Also, when those agencies owe money to someone who risked their life and did something of high importance for them and for the United States, they will f**k with that person’s life until that person gives up. They are not capable of doing something great for those people risking their lives; they do the opposite even if they know that person is in great danger and that they sacrificed their life and are financially broke. I can talk quite a lot about this part since I am a victim of certain agencies harassing me; they owe me money for my services and I never got paid. 

From that, it gets worse.  Even though we might be able to defeat them (Orionese) and wipe them out, however, their system that they put in place, through this secret society, will still be working. This secret society will continue to grow unless someone puts an end to it. We also know that a lot more Aliens will arrive in about 13 years from now, in the millions, estimated at the year 2027. Even if there are no Orionese left, when the new ones will arrive, their army, their network can be re-activated. They will then have several millions humans, complete mind slaves to obey to their orders. 

The good news though is we can protect ourselves. We just need to wear aluminum on our head because it’s effective. They cannot mind control you or read your mind, at least if they have not converted you yet. We also know that the Orionese visited many civilizations before reaching us and they got kicked out. Based on that info, if we get our act together, we can also do the same, kick them out of here for good. As for the Illuminati, everyone should be aware of their existence and we need to do damage control on them. Regarding the agencies such as the FBI and CIA, we need to clean their houses and they should share their info. Sharing the info is important so no one can manipulate them.

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