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June 12, 2014

Many things have happened today. My highlights include going down a one way and having cars driving towards me, droping my friends stuff off at her house without my parent's permission, getting lost on the way back, pulling into a dinner to get my gps working, getting blocked off by a truck in the back of the dinner and having to make a sharp k turn, accidently backing up into the railing behind the dinner and distroying my right passageners tail light also leaving dents and scratches, fallowing someones advice of lieing then getting caught by my parents becuz I felt horrible lying and they were pressuring to go to the scene of the crime which was no where I was suppose to be, and finally getting told I should of never helped my friend and that I am irresponsible. So that's my hightlight of the day. I spent most of the time upset and in my room crying debating if I'm really a horrible person like my parents are making me feel. I don't know if there's anything I can do right anymore..I should of fallowed my gut at the start of the day and said I don't feel like today is a good day for me to drive but instead of stating my feelings I asked if someone could take me to my graduation practice of course they said no. I wish I didn't feel like such a horrible person for making a mistake. I think I take mistakes too seriously. This is a time when I need that comfort talk they instead began stating how horrible I am. But my parents don't give comfort talks except for times when I'm too upset and stating how I feel which is usually like a failure. Then they say I need to stop seeing the world as black or white and start noticing there's gray. What I can't get is the fact that they exspect me to be one way and the time I need them to help me see it that way they don't. I wish I wasn't as emotional and didn't have low self esteam but its taken all I got to stay postive. It's really hard when you feel like there's nothing that you've done that's been good and not a failure.

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