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Featured Story

Taking the Heat in the Kitchen

Len Vertefeuille was born and raised into a loving family on the East coast. He now lives in North Carolina and he and his wife Lisa have two children who mean the world to Len. He has been working in the Warren Wilson College kitchen since 1989. Len enjoys cooking for and working alongside ...


All Alone at the Sixty-Four World's ...

The backstage of the pavilion was simple with its wooden floors and temporary props. The 1964 World’s Fair of Flushing, NY would come and go and no one would remember the little five year-old girl who played with her Barbies in its grand shadow. While some country stars were just cutting ...


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Stories by our Users

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I've made mistakes

By: Jordyn James
By the time me and my little brother were born in Moorestown, New Jersey, my parents had already divorced. My mother didn't want us but my father was all too happy to bring us ...
Comments (0) Nov 26, 2014 50

After All the Beginning

By: grey grey
read the previous story if you haven't... 1992-2003 : my mum was getting better from the illness. finally we were all back to become the whole family. but not for so long... ...
Comments (0) Nov 20, 2014 343

the Beginning of All

By: grey grey
There is good and there is bad, there is happiness and there is sadness, there is light and there is dark, so there is born and there is also death. 1987: On the very beginning ...
Comments (0) Nov 20, 2014 454


By: Matthew Stanford
Another bank holiday weekend = another reason to get away. Cork had a convenient flight time to and from Birmingham and since I liked Dublin the previous year it seemed like a ...
Comments (0) Nov 15, 2014 389

The First Encounter

By: Alok Sharma
He hopped gleefully along with other school kids on a trip to Ram-Kund. A narrow spring played hide & seek along this challenging trek, located at an altitude of 1800m. The kids ...
Comments (0) Nov 03, 2014 2,266

The Third Age: Art, Materials for Tomorrow

By: Richard Ozanne
A Book of new materials for the ages. This book, although right now in lists, concluded new material for the arts, and sciences that have been discovered and ideas of how to use ...
Comments (0) Oct 29, 2014 489

What is Imagination...a 21st century primer for the Thir...

By: Richard Ozanne
A book about "Imagination: and why it is needed in modern culture...technically and specifically"this book is intended to enlist mental facilities in problem solving. This book ...
Comments (0) Oct 29, 2014 506

The Search for A Drawing (Book on Drawing)

By: Richard Ozanne
A book 125 pages in length on the techniques, purposes and considerations of drawing...either as a professional, philosophical or as an amateur. This book goes through many aspects ...
Comments (0) Oct 29, 2014 349


By: Richard Ozanne
Michigan/Travels, tales of the road on Return to America Oct 2006
Comments (0) Oct 29, 2014 433

Once an Eagle Dared!

By: Richard Ozanne
Onc e an Eagle Dared... A Story of the American Road By Richard Ozanne 2013 Prelu de It was coffee talk, at a cafe somewhere in New York that ...
Comments (0) Oct 29, 2014 633

The Road Across Second Version---Aug 2012

By: Richard Ozanne
The Road Across America By Richard Ozanne Prelude It was coffee talk, at a cafe somewhere in New York that we can easily envision two people were talking, courting the ...
Comments (0) Oct 29, 2014 3,155

Earliest Memories

By: Mieko Cabral
I was 2 years old; I remember the day clearly. It was crisp outside. The sky was pale blue with large, very sharply defined clouds scattered throughout. The sunlight was ...
Comments (1) Oct 19, 2014 1,031

and enter Stephanie

By: stephanie taylor
I was born in 1984 in St Georges hospital in Tooting. My parents, a young Train Driver father and a housewife mother, newly married a year, tried for my creation religiously. ...
Comments (0) Oct 19, 2014 723

Finding Jacob Coal, Sr. (1743-1848) – Early New York ...

By: Phyllis Ericson
Finding Jacob Coal, Sr. – Early New York Settler It seems that some ancestors just don’t want to be found either in the records or their final resting place. Locating and visiting ...
Comments (0) Oct 18, 2014 491

Hannah Mills McPherson (1842-1880) – Quaker Prairie...

By: Phyllis Ericson
Hannah Mills McPherson(1842-1880) – Quaker Prairie Pioneer One of the delights of family history is connecting our ancestors to present day family members. Sometimes just the ...
Comments (0) Oct 18, 2014 577

11:19 AM

By: Mieko Cabral
I was the smallest one yet born to my parents, Tony and Chrisie, at only 5 pounds. It was a cold winter day in January at the Lodi Memorial Hospital in Lodi, 20 minutes from our ...
Comments (0) Oct 17, 2014 768


By: Phyllis Ericson
I grew up in a little Kansas town on the western edge of the Flint Hills, where the hills melt into prairie. We lived on the edge of the town, the last east-west road on the north ...
Comments (0) Oct 17, 2014 686

I thought I was ONE till I found out we were TWO

By: Jayarani Samadanam
My mum never told me I was adopted.Even till todate. I had to find out the hard way.Through unkind remarks from so called unkind adults with no heart. I grew up , today I am ...
Comments (0) Oct 15, 2014 760

Birdie McPherson Betts

By: Phyllis Ericson
Birdie McPherson Betts (1879-1963) – Quiet Grandmother How many people have we known who lived in the 1800s? To me my Grandmother, Birdie McPherson Betts, was always old. After ...
Comments (0) Oct 14, 2014 779

Komsomolskoye massacre

By: Ayla Sari
I was about 2 or 3 at the time, I didn't know much about the war. Life was normal and quiet in the. Village. Buisness as usual! My first language was Yiddish, at the time I was ...
Comments (0) Oct 14, 2014 644

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