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Featured Story

Around A Turn

  Gently flipping her curly, sand-dune inspired hair, Nicole Brumgardner opens a soda with her long red nails and curses as she breaks one. "I KNEW that was going to happen, and yet I did it anyway! It's like I have to test the universe to see if it's really going to follow the laws of ...


All Alone at the Sixty-Four World's ...

The backstage of the pavilion was simple with its wooden floors and temporary props. The 1964 World’s Fair of Flushing, NY would come and go and no one would remember the little five year-old girl who played with her Barbies in its grand shadow. While some country stars were just cutting ...


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Featured Storyteller Stories

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Flying Too High (or Flying Drunk)

Featuring: Capt. Joseph Balzer
Written by: Joyce Macias
A portable ladder dangled from the huge transport plane on the tarmac of Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Joseph Balzer was only three years old, but he was tantalized ...
Comments (1) Feb 20, 2010 80,146

Ron For Your Life

Featuring: Ron Shimony
Written by: Julianne Barclay
Meet “Mr. Possibility”: Making the Impossible…Possible! It is said a person’s childhood shapes much of their personality and determines who they become later in life. Most ...
Comments (1) Dec 04, 2009 37,611

A Second Chance

Featuring: Lori Chance
Written by: Julianne Barclay
When asked to summarize her life in a six word autobiographical novel Lori Chance just couldn’t do it. Her life has been divided into two separate worlds…two separate universes…two ...
Comments (2) Nov 30, 2009 27,481

Dr. Joyce, The Love Doctor

Featuring:  Dr. Joyce Morley Ball
Written by: Tamar Burris
Dr. Joyce, The Love Doctor: A Tale of Obstacles, Family, and Above All - Love “One of the major things that people don’t realize when they look at being an African American ...
Comments (15) Nov 23, 2009 67,983

A Story of W.O.E.

Featuring: Derrick Hayes
Written by: Tamar Burris
It was before she passed from her battle with cancer that Derrick Hayes’ mother used to say to him, “Don’t worry how things look because everything is going to be ok.” Her ...
Comments (4) Nov 17, 2009 28,584

Ghenghis Khan, the Taliban and a Country in Knots

Featuring: Dr. Changaiz Khan
Written by: Fraz Shafique
“Doctor, how long till I recover?” asked the young woman covering her face with her shawl, displaying both modesty and desiring to conceal the inflated jaw that had been ...
Comments (4) Nov 12, 2009 60,965

God's Funny Like That

Featuring: Lori Quaranta
Written by: Tamar Burris
For the last 21 years, Lori Quaranta has been living something of a bucket list. Slowly but surely she’s attempted new things both large and small in an effort to experience ...
Comments (2) Oct 26, 2009 64,353

A Life Changing Bump on the Head

Featuring: Linda Fullerton
Written by: Tamar Burris
Getting out of her car one Sunday in November 2006, Linda Fullerton bumped her head on the car’s door frame. The stinging sensation was annoying for a moment and then it was ...
Comments (1) Oct 18, 2009 48,735

Recessonistas? Frugalistas? Please, Danny Kofke Wrote t...

Featuring: Danny Kofke
Written by: Tamar Burris
Danny Kofke, author of “How to Survive (and perhaps thrive) on a Teacher’s Salary If there’s one thing that Danny Kofke knows it’s that there’s more to life than earning ...
Comments (2) Oct 11, 2009 43,297

What Does Stealing Have to Do With Being a Thief?

Featuring: Ian Coburn
Written by: Tamar Burris
Ian was about six years old when it all began. Living with his divorced mother and two sisters, Ian saw his father usually once a week. His dad would plan some elaborate, big ...
Comments (4) Oct 06, 2009 37,511

One More Dance

Featuring: Ernesto Patino
Written by: Sarah Peppel
Tempe, Arizona was cool the night Ernie Patino slipped on his black leather dancing shoes and left his hotel room to try out the dance floor in the largest studio in the vicinity, ...
Comments (11) Oct 05, 2009 42,935

Raisin Bread and Ginger Lemonade

Featuring: Angelita V. Paniagua
Written by: Cara Moorehead
Raisin bread and ginger lemonade. These culinary delights were the main reason Angelita’s grandmother could often be found at her mother’s sister’s house when all the other ...
Comments (5) Sep 29, 2009 37,983

Sand Castle Blessings

Featuring: Elaine Stephen
Written by: Tamar Burris
The sun shined down from a vibrant, bright blue sky as cottony clouds floated in a light, cool breeze. Gazing at the perfect summer day that was starting to pass her by, Elaine ...
Comments (5) Sep 27, 2009 26,371

Road to Resiliance: Coping with a Crying Baby

Featuring: Beth Pulsifer-Anderson
Written by: Jenoa Briar-Bonpane
When Beth Pulsifer-Anderson’s newborn baby stopped breathing in the hospital nursery, doctors wondered if something was wrong. Perhaps baby Katie had vomited and choked; it ...
Comments (3) Sep 08, 2009 48,784

Hamburger Humor

Featuring: Dr. Lew Hamburger
Written by: Sarah Peppel
Hamburger Humor: Keeping Wits Among Absurdity Freefall ing through empty space, Dr. Lew Hamburger soaked in the sky, the weightlessness, the view of the earth unlike anything ...
Comments (7) Sep 03, 2009 59,042

From SilverSpoon to a Silver Dollar

Featuring: Ross Hamilton
Written by: Adara Bernstein
Ross Hamilton grew up entitled. Privileged, good looking, wealthy, connected – all the world seemed to be at his feet. Ross was also, in his own words, ‘an a-hole’. “When ...
Comments (2) Jul 26, 2009 31,503

Hitting a Cement Wall

Featuring: Lisa Waite
Written by: Adara Bernstein
The clinking of wine filled goblets floated upwards like glass bubbles. This group of high school friends met every year around the holidays to catch up, gossip and secretly ...
Comments (1) Jul 20, 2009 24,861

The Little Grocery Store

Featuring: Jenny Highland
Written by: Kristen Kuhns
For four years in the small town in Mississippi where Jenny Highland grew up there was no grocery store to feed the 700 people who lived there. The small grocery store ...
Comments (1) Jul 14, 2009 45,161

Be Careful What You Wish For

Featuring: Alice Shapiro
Written by: Tamar Burris
Finding herself out of work after 12 long years at a secretarial position, Alice Shapiro had simply had enough. The unknown future swirled and leapt around her. What would she ...
Comments (8) Jul 03, 2009 33,817

Learning To Love A Super Woman

Featuring: Ria Benedict
Written by: Cara Moorehead
Ria Benedict, Superwoman. This is the description Ria uses when discussing the person that she used to be and, perhaps surprisingly, the one she didn't like. Most people think ...
Comments (5) Jun 16, 2009 31,589

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