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Jason M. Bradford

1960 Mobile

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Written by: Jason M. Bradford

I was 'busted' by my ninth grade English teacher for writing poetry on the desk.  She directed me toward the Creative Writing class, and I would love to be able to say that it has been a lifelong career of scribbling ever since.  Actually, it has been a career of re-inventions, so far.  I still claim to be a woodworker, but the musician/poet/songwriter was a fun sojourn, I really was not world-class.  So, here I am, full circle as a writer again:  telling stories, writing novels, short stories, and the sort.
My wife and I live in Saint Petersburg, FL. where she is an educator, and I am a freelance writer, voice over artist, and woodworker.  Some day, we plan on making the move to south-central Colorado, or L.A. (Lower Alabama).
Keep an eye out for my new novel:  "A Collection of Heroes"  I plan to be submitting for publishing in 2009.
If you are interested in having me write a story about you please do not hesitate to ask.

Jason M. Bradford

Aug 07, 1960

City of Birth
Mobile, AL


City (most recent)

Writer, Woodworker

Marital Status

Additional Facts
Novelist, Ghostwriter, Short Story Author. I no longer write for this website, but am still writing. I have recently completed a novel titled: The Songs of Heroes. Please read the Prologue and first three chapters at: http://jasonmbradford.boo ks.officelive.com.

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