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Indian Hospital. 

Posted on: 7/18/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 443

I have just watched the last instalment of 'Indian Hospital' and I am sorry that the series has finished. I enjoyed it very much because it was interesting and I have trouble with sitting down for long periods watching television. Paul Roy made six one hour programs at the Naranyana Hrudayalaya Hospital in Bangalor, (now I've lost your attention) built with the aid of the government at the instaigation of one of the world's top heart surgeons, Dr. Devi Shetty, to treat the poor people of India.  Most of the patients at the hospital earn an average of 10 rupees a day, but even without that, all who ask get help. Using money from those that can pay and charity help from world business, Dr. Shetty is building health cities all over India.

Once surgeon to Mother Teresa, he travels to international TV stations spreading the word about how quality healthcare can make a profit. He trains his own nurses and doctors and while his hospital has 2400 staff 1500 are nurses. Trained at Guys Hospital in London he works a 16 hour day and performs 60 to 80 heart operations a month. In the series an American from Texas comes to the hospital for a heart valve operation. He admits that he is rich enough to go to any American hospital but prefers to come to Bangalor because of the care.                                                  Read that again! 'Comes to Bangalor because of the care.'  But it is the poor people that catch your attention. The families that travel three or four hours on a bus  to get dialysis treatment three times a week, the babies that need a liver transplant done this time by one of the top liver transplant surgeons, or the two monks receiving therapy and believing that faith alone can get them to walk once more after a truck accident almost killed them both and lost them the use of their legs.                                         Dr. Shetty's hospitals make a profit and pay for themselves and are building more of the same across India with a total of 30.000 beds. The latest venture is a 2000 bed hospital, teaching center and accommodation in the Caymen Islands being built with the support of the Caymen Government.                                      Indian Hospital on Al Jazerra or on Youtube to see all the six programs.                                                                                     What are we able to learn from his experience that would help this country? Probably not a lot.    We are too blinkered and impressed with our own capabilities to learn from other countries and that is our greatest weekness. Must be very frustrating for our doctors and nurses who are the best but are let down by the country.  Where in the world rating is the United States in the healthcare legue; depends which chart is researched but not nearly as high as the insurance industry would have us believe. We complain about spending millions on healthcare for no end result but do not think twice about spending millions on electing politicians who do not care about the sick and old.              Michael Moore with his film 'Sicko' sung the praises of other countries and their national systems but there is no doubt that the only way medical attention here is to be rich-but even then.   August issue of Comsumer Reports investigation 'How safe is your hospital?' says 'Infections, surgical mistakes, and other medical harm contribute to the deaths of 180,000 hospital patients a year, according to projections based on a 2010 report from the Department of Health and Human Services. Another 1.4 million are seriously hurt by their hospital care.  Lets do that again too. 'Contribute to the deaths of 180,000 hospital patients a year. One commentator states "that's like wiping out the entire population of North Dakota, Rhode Island and Vermont and your relatives will get a bill for you dying.                    Unemployed and can't get a job, whatever your skills, don't fall sick. A visit to outpatients could get you a bill for $3000.  Your job lets you buy insurance, which costs your boss a fortune, so buy dental coverage, which covers a cleaning, but need a molar out and look to your savings. No savings, no insurance, try down the road.                                                                                     Where do we go from here?  Does it depend on the next election.  Probably not.  We are not going to change. We are the United States of America; we tell everyone else to change.











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