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The Year Marked 2011/2012-The Change II 

Posted on: 10/14/2012   Comments: 1   Views: 29

This blog begins with a thought and continues there. 

The economy of October 14 2012 seems still to be a relative disaster somehow forcing the social-pull of the economy from its foundations. It has been a very hard year for most out here. It is astounding however at the imaginations of the politicians to believe that this economy is getting better when it is illusory from many levels. It also seems relative that there is a very conclusive social breakdown occuring in spite of this guise of a sealing economy.
Social  Breakdown
Generally people are being pushed into arenas of their own belief systems, troubling others, and or locking themselves in psycologicly to the perceptions of a camp, or friends clique socially assembled environment for safety in their belief systems, so it seems. In some circumstances this includes 'religious' encampments, and the bizarre and locally influenced "Nibiru" cult of the 'end of the world' scenarios- 
1) It is difficult to get words, thoughts and deedful actions edgewise with people.
Now Im seeing it pertain to a good friend, who is not only having difficulties financially but is now a homeless victim (as per october 18th-today) No short term jobs have been offered her, and she has no car-roof over her head, nor food subsidy-What can I say, but to offer her food and possibly good cheer, irate to the possibilities for her tomorrow? 
There are no good friends who care, nor friends, family-- I hear of exploitive scenarios aimed her direction-( There are dark chasms in the actual reality we live, some too unmentionable) 
This is ongoing--
2) It is even more difficult to get assistance from people whether they are friends, aquaintances or even family members. Even the churches offer short term and extremely marginal relief--
-of course some might find this hard to believe, fearing for my friend that one might become arrested for being homeless in this environment--
The small town where I currently live optmizes my observations in this, what I have termed a point of social breakdown.
3) It may be hard to believe that shelter and home may be a difficult stretch for a pocketbook (sour part-time wages--full house rooming at a good price for rent, in the best experiences) in the current environment, leaving many (here) to have to live in their cars or vans as a temporary or even permanent residence--
Astounding! In Europe there would be at least some kind of social compromise--housing, food subsidy and employment--Unfortunately this is hard to measure even Europe, as the situation is guised at one end in a perceptable spot as many are losing their homes, placement in this society...furthuring the societal breakdown where only the wealthy can survive at any level-
4) There is an almost reckless abandonment of people and their needs that I have never witnessed till this time-especially Americans, where (I have heard, and seen people who are literally starving for lack food-shelter- and lack of public resources- I have heard that medical,dental services for those people have been witheld as well--causing a greater discouragement) The town knows about this (problem)- However I have never heard the often tragic details of what is happening out there---and its happening! A disaster, slowly and neatly disguised--under the rug- Hearing now and seeing more that need shelter, a home to live--stacked up in tents behind the scenes of this small town of Sedona-
One cant speak of this terror of hearing about homelessness, or joblessness that is 'positively frightening' and leaving many on the edge. 
I have seen the way other cultures provide for economic challenged, but as I see it--this is of magnifying proportions (neatly kept behind the scenes and seemingly a protected secret, that 'this is true') 
The social breakdown is caused by economic conditions as well as conditions within society that are unprepared to greet the problem with social workability--In the small western town of Sedona it is an every hour struggle to exist, a guise, false front the potential of a 'third world' environment for many behind stucco and fancy stone walls--
Tragedy under the rug and behind the curtains in Arizona--
The trouble being economics, and also the ability of citizens to communicate with public officials--
Strong Divisions/Divides--

People are silent in their approach to the situation, a sense of hiding frustrations, and with no perception other than mere sight one can see the impact...a heavily divided society that is not discussing nor talking directly about the situations at hand except in minor ways that even the media cannot cover in detail. 
A social breakdown had been ocurring for quite some time before this time however and was prevalent in the 1980's- and 1990's--but in no way as obvious-- but not so obvious as today where if one looks out, listens and watches, one may catch the silence among people in so many words, a very serious issue...a politically correct way of no interference when it has to do with change of the cultural environment as well as the social environment.
I am wondering if this is a permanent issue in the USA and for how long it will lag, producing a less aware society by the order of silence that has caused definate separation among people. This is a strong division that is happening and seems more like a ripping or sheering off of something called society, as people are getting to be less responsive to most things as well as totally oblivious to the change that may mark what I certainly feel a catastrophy of some sort of dynamic of social change if this continues, perhaps even massive social disorder at some point-
There is a notion that there needs to be a reprieve before this depression (confirmed economic depression) augments to some levels of the disasterous 20's and 30's--which is already happening but mostly out of sight of mainstream media, and television---

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DDD SSS said:
posted on Oct 16, 2012

what is the change, the social breakdown about?  can you elaborate?