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The Year Marked 2011/2012-The Change III 

Posted on: 10/14/2012   Comments: 1   Views: 12

I want to add one note: I personally fee a fog coming in metaphor to a time long ago when this kind of existence happened before. Not certain of the age or era, it feels like the 1950's but is consumed with a separation of people, ideas, and thoughts.

One feels seperated from their society as if a foreigner, and this impact has been accounted by others as well as myself. Why is this separation so marked in the current day? Strong divisions have divided the country and I am fearful for the election and that there is a strong contingency of "Right Wing" conservatism (politically) being placed right at the time when this so called better change (although still rather ubiquitous)  might be happening politically. 
Inflation is on the rise and there is not a mood to take care of others in this environment. Every man for themselves seems the possible word on the street--also including every woman too. But is this this the social ripping point where the structure shreads, quakes and falls in to itself? People feel separated by many many issues...and it is worrysome that society in the USA dosent have the concrete social glue of sound values to keep in place if the recession goes full blown. Many might disagree but I ask them to watch the veil that is being pulled, and what might be behind it! (Some might find it both shocking and scarey...) Others may simply want to get down on their hands and knees and pray for something different altogether.
Of course it cant be as bad as Im writing it is...
But it is just an opinion..and I hope to God that this opinion is for a positive change that people must communicate and not let the social structure shread clear through before somthing happens...something like Meyham in the final analysis is the last thing we want to think of ---

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Oct 2012
DDD SSS said:
posted on Oct 16, 2012
I agree

"Inflation is on the rise and there is not a mood to take care of others in this environment. Every man for themselves seems the possible word on the street--also including every woman too."

I agree, I blame our society's way of taking children from thier homes, keeping them in a place where the only people they can relate too and orient too and look too for thier own values are other children because they sure aren't able to get enough one on one time with caring adults, so they start to orient to other children who do not have anyone else's best interest at heart and they evolve into a tribal like culture, that only lasts as long as they are in school,  values are not held as important unless it's the value of the population they are submitted to day after day all day long, that is where the breakdown is occurring, and in the fact that when they do have an hour or two to spend with the adults who do care about them and have thier best interests at heart, those adults are too tired from working all day to put all they have into the relationship, and if they try they are often met with resistance and many parents start to give up.  I'm a fighter, but there are days when even I feel like I just can't deal with it.  I do the best I can and hope for the best.