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Posted on: 11/12/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 100

The economy is sagging although still many may not say so. Perhaps we are lying to ourselves as to a quick-fix as it is felt that this depression/recession may last 10 or 15 years, many still oblivious to many problems that are in between and behind the scenes as to the reasons behind this economic turn down. Small talk of many varieties fills the reason, but no one is ready to accept responsibility. It is obvious there is a great spur of a wealthy class that is benifeting from the turn under, this I do not understand, as this profiteering is like using ice to plug a hole, when the ice melts-too obvious the conclusion.

A cultural recession seems to be right in front of the economic, yet there is no mention. Ready are we to accept what we are given, too sadly are we readied to accept anything Hollywood has for our entertainment. Somewhat obvious is the entrainment (novacain material) element of new art material at another altogether low level. 
I cannot recall a good solid film with a fair story line, or quality acting.
I cant recall a play or drama event that is evenly popularized with other events.
Popular culture...its taken over.
Good quality is getting harder and harder to find and we are overly accepting in many areas. European art culture seems to be stable from artists I have known that have emailed me. Its often a far cry from anything I have seen in my current locality where art is quadranted off and kept protected by high cost tickets for music-art events, often sold out in small quantities--rather divied out to socially elite circles while the larger working population cannot afford a concert or event (seemingly creating a cultural gap, a hole for the haves and have-nots), their culture being handled by internet and television.
As of this date there is some feeling, rather strange indeed of a turn-under in any cultural life here. Add to this projects which start-stop and are confused to be started, and confused to be paid for by clients, feeling a general emotion, un-sympathy and calibrated dryness among a very sharp general mood of utter boredom. It seems to have spread like a general influenza here, especially in talks about the generation of cultural-art issues in which there are no participants--unless dance/dj music--and not a fair exhibition to be seen in the general mood of this place which feels ART FREE- 
Ive tried to move on from Sedona since the boredom and difficulty I have had in person for my livelihood has been or seemingly stilted by an encumberance of the generally boring, day to day relic of nothing as substitute for something in this red-rock walled cell of infertility..the only savior being the psudo-spirituality which "aint", but so at a price of words and general descriptions---is boring, and "aint" worth the work, and definately not the pay since rents are so high that one is stranded culturally here if not physically, emotionally and intellectually (brazen western dry dessicated watering hole--a tourist wallet grabber) 
I want to be out before Christmas.
I dont know how in the hell I lasted here for 3 years and several months--it must be HOPE, FAITH--but it tricked me 'big time' over and over--
Last year it was Houston buttered toast, and slightly warm at that, but back here--it is vittles and small talk, hardly the depth of a puddle, and breadth of a trickle. 
Sedona is marked the loneliest place I have ever seen that was not foreign. 
Even small central european towns traveled alone have one up on Sedona. Seemingly Sedona is filling with New York (nose in the air, slick but stilted-culture) inplants, but unfortunately this can be a lonely and remote spot to have a casual conversation--except the weather (most important) and spirituality--(but warned there is fee attatched by would be Shaman on the outbound) Forget Art! But I realize the dessication of many places around this theme  of towns and no-mans land from Phoenix ( a no go ) to Flagstaff..might be better, but how much? I could tread a three-hundred mile jaunt East and find nothing better than Santa Fe...Ive been inquiring about that!

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