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Eerie Feeling, Strange Times, and less Opportunities--Calling a Spade a Spade 

Posted on: 11/25/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 62

Eerie Atmosphere ofLate November 2012

What I have noticed is a recent butcontinuing Eerie Atmosphere traveling lately. People and even friendsand associates do not seem to be themselves, although greeting themjoyously but sometimes interjecting the question...Whats happening?Even the simple greetings get somehow molded into strange patterns. Imake very hard questions to myself about this sensation that I amfeeling as others may be feeling it also...and surely enough, yes,.

Is it the economy that is the plaguebehind this very deep discontent within people or is it an estrangedsociety that has developmentally grown from the plague of what theeconomy has done, is doing and continues to do in the present senseof the scenario.

Certainly the “Economic” Depression(Not simple recession) has effected many and continues itsdreadnought path through the social culture, dividing it more as timepasses.

I have noticed a general discontent butit seems to be ingrained, rather a riddle of a plague of silence thatis in the interim of its continued wrath.

Is it as bad as the 1930's? No.

Is it heading that way?

I certainly expect that some very bigshifts are coming, like a sneeze tells us of a cold or flu...

I try to maintain a dead-centerobjectivity.

What I have seen are strong divisionsin the culture of those who are 'well off' in comparison to those whoare having difficult times. (I have a strange feeling the economy isgoing through another dynamic shift, which may undoubtedly be veryshocking in days in the not to distant future)

There are strong divisions within thetown I live.

It is a huge gap from one element ofsocial culture to another, and strongly divides from there.

Sedona is not the place of harmony onmany levels however. It has recently become very strange in thestrong divisions as well as the 'drama', which seems not only broughton by the dynamics of a economic but a very strong societaldepression as well, often seeming “surreal”, which it is.

Silence is at nearly every junction.

People have as little reaction withothers as could possibly be explained.

It is not the small town of choice, butone feels a sense of foreignness to the experience of Sedona.

It is nearly impossible to make endsmeet for many. (Its too expensive and up-side down with classes andtheir living conditions as well as exploitative in the laborconditions, making feel like a black hole in some if not many ways.

It is impossible for the arts. (I havenever witnessed this kind of situation anywhere)

Yet, I keep on going...

In some ways I’m lucky, in other waysjust in a holding pattern for some dream elsewhere....

There is too much illusion in many, butthis is not my personal concern.

I no longer feel the place is safe fortoo much longer, addressing serious concerns for my future.

I would like to see different..


Unfortunately people are out ofcommunication and out of concern on many different levels...givinghuge junctions for thoughts. Communication is key. The town itselfseems to be on some motivated cultural-societal lock-down--

It makes me nervous about feelings Ihave had recently that the situation is going to grow far past the1930's depression in the next years into some kind of controlledsocial order.

I probably am wrong, but thing havefelt cold to the touch with many things.

I must reiterate, it is a nervousfeeling that this figuration is seemingly going to slide very quicklyat some point without opening some communication lines and opening upsocial orders and possibilities for many---

Im taking stock of myself and preparingto leave wondering if its not just Arizona but many states where Imight find the same scenario---Grapes of Wrath x10---Is a journalentry, probably can be dismissed as such, idle craziness...

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