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The Right Stuff 

Posted on: 5/2/2013   Comments: 0   Views: 61

I have read, and heard that pride comes before the fall. Well, it would kind of depend what you were falling for. No one in this world does things without motive. It may be hidden from sight(yours & their's), but there is always a reason. You just have to look inside yourself in order to see if you have...THE RIGHT STUFF! Pride is necessary in today's world. It is what keeps us a float in a world where we are constantly being pushed down. And ran over. Pride in self is necessary for one to know who and what you are. Once you have come to this realization, it is then time for one to act upon this pride. And believe in one's self. They say the greatest sin is to deny yourself. Never let your dreams go. They are the vehicle on which your eternity is built. Just be wary of how you construct your life around those dreams, or in some cases how your dreams are constructed around your life, which sometimes we have no control. One bad decision can lead to a world of unreasonable circumstances, which is kind of a hard pickle to get out of. The only way I know is to start believing in what the "everything" is telling you. For we all, at times deny ourselves the truth, just to be humble. Humbleness is a good thing. But most, and I know you believe this, our subservience is taken as a weakness. Jesus was a very humble man! When they would ask if he was the "son of god" he merely replied. I am...who I am. And when he was with John the Baptist he had always had thoughts of who he might have been asking of John, who do you think I am? But, if you don't see this in the scripture, He was probing for information! He himself was subservient to the things that guided him in his youth. Just to be, on-the-humble. He wasn't a puzzling individual, he was led by his experiences in life, very much a mystic! At which his end, i believe, his subservience guided him to a new realm of existence. GOD! You may ask, what am i getting at...i can only reply maybe you were "that." All in all, just have the right kind of pride... 
An in the end! Prove yourself to be... 


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