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Landing in Hobart was a bit of a shock as it was only 13 degrees C, the coldest since Germany 3 months earlier. Got picked up by Tammy and her sister at the airport and got the full rundown on the Tasmania branch of our family in the 4 years since I had been there last time. Francis and Bill have both got married, Bill has a baby with another on the way. Matthew was working on a big Russian ship that was going to the south pole.

Got to their house to meet Xavier who's only 2 but the size of a 4 year old, Tammy who was on crutches due to hip problems was having problems keeping up with him.

Booked 3 nights in a local hostel beforehand which was a bit of a dump compared to when I stayed at a different one last time. It felt very strange walking around Hobart again, walked up a nearby big hill and got slightly sunburned. Went to visit Colleen but it took 3 attempts to catch her when she was in. She had not changed a bit since last time I was there, her life still revolved around the Church.

Matthew and Tammy were going to travel round the north of Tasmania for a few days and invited me to join them. So with me looking after Xavier in the back we headed north. Tasmania looks nothing on the map next to the Australian mainland but its several hours drive to the North coast. A lot of the island seemed empty with long distances between towns and villages. On the way to Devonport we stopped at 2 houses to see people Matthew and Tammy knew.

The second one was like a farmhouse and they had 2 massive st Bernard dogs!!!! By the time we got there it was late and Matthew was suffering a bit from the few beers he had round the 2 houses.

The following morning I was taken on a tour of Devonport which included a trip on an old train (the Don river railway) then headed in the direction of Launceston. Matthew got bit on the back when he was driving, thankfully it was a harmless beetle and not a dodgy spider.

Before heading back to Hobart we went to the Cataract gorge with the worlds longest chairlift. Also seen a blue tongue lizard...

Back in Hobart I stopped the last 2 nights round Colleens. During this time we went to visit Frances her new husband and her kids who didn't remember me that well from when I went in 2004. Didn't see Bill as he was very busy with work, but it was good to see everyone else again. Some of them have mentioned coming to visit us in England one day.

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Jan 2009
Sam Henderson said:
posted on Sep 21, 2010

we just wanted to say THANK YOU for using the time capsule function. It helps other people notice it's there :)


Member Since
Jan 2009
Sam Henderson said:
posted on Sep 21, 2010
& PS

Your stories are always fascinating of all of your travels.

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Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Sep 22, 2010
how do you do it?

How do you afford to travel so much?

Member Since
May 2009
Matthew Stanford said:
posted on Sep 26, 2010
How do I do it ?????

Prior to that trip I was never a "big earner" as strange as it may sound.

Still live at home in my 30s, have no costly things like cars/kids etc I don't even own a mobile phone. I never seem to spend much and save a lot.

Strange thing about this website it that I will first be publishing my travel stories then the events and factors which led to me going.