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Date Range: 07/11/2009 To 07/17/2009   Comments: 2   Views: 4,031
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Met a lad in Guilin called Ryan who had booked the same raft trip to Yangshou as I had. Firstly we got the minibus from our hostel for about an hour then it was about 3 hours down the river.

There were some great views of the limestone cliffs. However after a couple of hours it all started to look the same. In a way we got some sightseeing but we also got from one place to the next at the same time.

Yangshuo seemed a fairly touristy small compact place. At night we went out for some food and ended up talking to an American who was working there, we were later joined by a few others and ended up sitting outside talking until very late. Tried beer duck whatever that was but they could have least cut the ducks feet off and it was a bit too fatty and greasy for my liking. Tried a snail but there was so much spice in it you couldn't tell what it tasted like.

Had a lazy day Sunday then I headed out with Ryan to a nearby limestone cliff you could climb up called the Green lotus peak. Found out the steps only went up a quarter of the way up at the most. We were in and out again in about 15 minutes, thats what you call a rip off.

Later that day we got talking to a Chinese girl who took us to the butterfly caves. It was a lot better than the one I went to in Halong bay but coloured lights and music don't belong in a cave. Went over a few bridges between the cliffs and got some good photos. It was very hot all afternoon. Walked miles in the hot mid afternoon sun !!!!!!!!

Had a couple of quiet days back in Guilin, didn't want to go back but you have to book the trains a couple of days in advance from there. Had a 24 train ride to Shanghai starting at 8am on the Thursday. Not so many people spoke English in my carriage so it got a bit boring.

The less said about the low budget films that they played the better!!! Got the best nights sleep in a while (for a train, plane, or bus anyway).

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Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Oct 18, 2010
the pic

that last picture was featured- that's a terrific shot dude! 

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May 2009
Matthew Stanford said:
posted on Oct 19, 2010
It was hardly planned as well

I remember just seeing it going by fairly quickly, getting out my camera and pressing the button as quick as I could.......yes it did turn out well.