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"My Teenage Years: Transplant Number Two" 


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     I was placed on the waiting list for a kidney from an organ donor.  I am fortunate to have a really common perfect match and the blood type most commonly transplanted.  I only had to be on dialysis for a little less than five months.  I received my second transplant on February 4, 1989 at the age of 17.  It was a six antigen perfect match.  Meaning not only did the blood type and antigens match but the antibodies did as well.  This meant there was less chance of the kidney trying to reject right away.  This time I was only in the hospital for 11 days.  Everyone who came into my room had to wear a mask and gown just as before.  And when I left my room I had to wear a mask and gown as well.  When I went home I had to wear a mask every time I went outside or when I was around other people who didn't live with me.   My sisters and I had gotten a Super Nintendo for Christmas from my dad.  We had also gotten another one from an organization who adopted us. Since we were on welfare we got adopted every year by companies every year.  I had kept one unopened in the box so I could take it to the hospital with me when I got my new transplant.  My dad had bought me the game "Jeopardy" for it and the nurses, nurses' aides, and sometimes my dad would come in my room and play teams with me.  I was in the hospital for about eleven days.  I had to wear a mask for about six more weeks after I went home.

     About the middle of March 1989, I was finally able to go outside without a mask on and we got new neighbors across the street.  Their names were, Kathy and her two daughters, Amy who was thirteen and Stacy who was ten.  I eventually became friends with both Amy and Stacy.  I began just hanging out with Amy, but then I got closer to Stacy.  I went to their dads' house quite a few times on the weekends.  Stacy and I are still friends although we don't talk as much as we used to.  Between her work and my dialysis treatments, it is so hard to keep in touch.  I still talk to Amy now and then too.  When they moved in Amy was in 7th grade and Stacy was in 5th grade.

     Because I had to start dialysis at the beginning of the school year my Sophomore (10th grade) year I missed three quarters of the year.  I was finally able to return the last quarter.  So, I was even more behind than before.  Again, they had to pass me because it was health related.  I was a Junior with Sophomore credits.  I had received three credits from the second half of 9th grade and now I had received 3 credits for each semester of 10th grade.  They had to pass me again because it was health related.  So, I was a Junior with Sophomore credits

     My Junior (11th grade) year I only missed 11 days and that was basically all at once when I had a real bad chest cold!  I had a fever of 102!  I had insisted on going to school the first day I woke with the fever because I had a test in my Accounting class. I also let all my teachers know I would be out sick and got my assignments.  I had excellent grades except for Chemistry and second semester Geometry.  I just sucked in Chemistry and I got a new teacher for Geometry second semester and he didn't have the right teaching style for me.  I got A's and B's in Accounting, Business Math, Business Communications, Business Law, Journalism and Health.  Because I was so far behind the school made me take a special education study period.  As long as I live I will never understand why they made me take that when the time could have been put to better use.  My Chemistry teacher tried so hard to teach me, but I just did not understand it.  In Geometry, I understood parts of it the first semester and I really liked my teacher, but I was transferred out due to a schedule change and the teacher just wasn't the same.  My other teachers were great.  I was trying to take as many business classes as I could to prepare for college.  But the following year when I was 19 I realized that if I went as long as they let me in public high school which was age 21 I would still be short on credits.  I decided to drop out and go to Green River Community College for high school completion.  I went for about a year until my mom decided she didn't want to take me and I did not have a license or a car and we weren't on a bus line so I couldn't go.  My mom has mental health problems and she didn't want any of us girls to leave her.  Eventually we all did just that.  We love her but we had to break free and live our own lives.

     I had a group of friends I sat with at lunch.  Julie, Angie, Christina, Lisa and Jason H. were the ones I was usually seen with.  Some of my friends smoked and when I was 18 I started smoking too.  Dumbest thing I ever did!  Well, maybe the second dumbest thing I've ever done.  Keep reading and you'll know why.

     Most of my friends in my neighborhood were people I met through Amy and Stacy.  Their names were Jeremy, Josh, Wayne, Steve, Jason, Travis K., Brian C. and his younger brother, Bobby, James and Robert.  Jeremy and Josh were fraternal twins.  James and Robert were brothers.  Jeremy was somewhat of a player in our neighborhood.  And he dated a lot of girls.  Wayne and Jeremy were best friends back then.  James hung out with them often too.  There were a few girls in the neighborhood who hung out with me and the guys too.  Their names were Amy, Stacy (from above), Chantal and Correy.  Amy and Stacy were sisters and Correy was Jason's older sister.  Everybody hung out at my house most days.  Although I did spend the night at Amy and Stacy's house and also Chantal's house on occasion.  They were all younger than me.  Travis K. by 1 year; Brian and Skip by 2 years; Robert and Steve by 3 years; Amy, Chantal, Jeremy, Josh and Wayne by 4 years; Correy and Bobby by 5 years; Stacy by 6 years and Jason by 7 years.  

     We had a couple of good sized hills in my neighborhood.  They were great for sledding in the winter.  My house was on one of them.  I was never really allowed to sled down it because my parents thought it was too dangerous.  They were probably right but it sure would've been fun.  There was a much bigger hill a couple blocks away.  One of Karla's friends lived at the bottom of it.  I think we all slid down that one.  We were aloud to use that one because it was a dead end road.

     It seemed as though one or more of those guys were always at my house.  We always had a good time.  I remember some days very well.  One of them takes place in the summer and is about Wayne.  We had a cherry tree in out front yard and Wayne liked to climb it.  My mom had told him to stay out of it because he was breaking the branches and causing the blossoms to fall off too soon.  One summer day Wayne, Jeremy, Steve and Amy were in my living room.  Wayne jumped up and said he had to go home for dinner.  Jeremy, Steve and Amy were sitting in that order on the sofa in front of a large window.  I was sitting in a chair directly across from them.  A few seconds later Amy looked out the window and said, "Wayne's up in that cherry tree again."  As I stood up to look out the window I said, "I'm gonna go spray him with the hose."  "Are you?" Amy asked.  "Ooh, I wanna watch!" She said as she turned around to look out the window.  "Yes."  I said as I ran out the front door.  The tree was about six feet from the house where the hose was.  I said nothing to Wayne as I walked outside.  As soon as I leaned over to turn on the water Wayne asked, "What are you doing?" I did not say a word.  I just kept turning the water level up.  We did not have a sprayer nozzle so I had to improvise.  As I began taunting him by putting my fingers over the end of the hose, Wayne started saying, "I wouldn't do that if I you, I really wouldn't do that if I were you."  In the meantime, Amy and Jeremy were taking turns opening up either end of the window and shouting, "Do it, Krisna, do it!"  So, I did it!  I sprayed him until he got about halfway down.  Then I dropped the hose and ran into the house.  As soon as I got inside Steve said, "Quick get behind us, we'll protect you."  Just then Wayne came back inside and headed for the kitchen saying, "Get me something wet!"  Meanwhile, Jeremy and Steve said to me, "Quick run into your room."  I took off running down the hallway with Wayne right on my heels.  My door locked by pushing the handle in and turning it.  I got into my room, leaned on the door, turned the knob and pushed it in.  Just then I felt him hit the door and let out a big Uh.  Jeremy came back a few minutes later and told me the coast was clear.  As soon as I walked into the living room Amy said, "Oh my gosh, Krisna, he looked like a big X when he hit the door.  Believe it or not, he never again climbed that tree.

     We had a lot of good times and we also had some bad times, but we always managed to stay friends.  I remember one winter when it was snowing.  We were out of cigarettes and my mom couldn't take me to the store because it was around midnight.  She didn't have very good tires.  So a bunch of us decided to walk to a local 24 hour supermarket.  There was no curfew back then and it was either on a weekend or holiday break.  I know for sure that Amy, Chantal, Stacy, Steve, and Jeremy and my sister, Kelli were there but there may have been more.  It was freezing and on the way home we got into an argument about which way was shorter.  So, we split up into two groups.  The group I was in got home first.  Kelli had gone with the other group and they had gotten stopped by a cop who was wondering what they were doing out after midnight.  My friends and I used to walk around out neighborhood all the time.  There wasn't much else to do in those days, but at least we got good exercise.

     Another funny story happened on the 4th of July.  I'm not positive of the year but I believe it was 1992.  Which would have made me 20 and already living with my dad.

     A bunch of us had gathered at Chantal's house that evening. The group included Stacy and Skip who were dating, Steve, Jeremy, Josh, James and probably Robert and Wayne as well.  My dad had given me 2 bricks of bottle rockets and I had hidden them in both sleeves of my coat.  Yes, that's right, I had to wear my coat because it was pouring rain that night.  But I suppose that is the best weather for the 4th of July.  Anyway, I was sitting on the hood of Skip's Mercury Capri on the center of the hood.  Chantal was on one side and Stacy on the other.  There were a bunch of kids at the other end of the street and the guys we were with decided to get into a fireworks war with them.  After a while they started shooting things at each other!  At some point Skip had turned around and asked, "Hey, why's everyone sittin' on my ride?"  To which Chantal replied, "Because we know Skippy's not gonna let anything hit his ride!"  After a little while the dumb-ass guys I was with decided it was a good idea to turn a Saturn Missile on its side.  We had the 25 shot ones.  If you've never seen one go off the 25 shots go everywhere.  They don't go straight up.  So, when they put it on its side and bent down to light it, I started saying, "Uh guys, I wouldn't do that if I were you!  Guys, that's not a good idea!"  But of course they didn't listen and I wish I'd had a video camera because that thing spun around in circles and you should've seen them scatter!  Throughout the night I had been handing bottle rockets out to Stacy and Chantal every time the guys all turned their backs.  Eventually I got bored just shooting them straight up.  So, I started shooting them at the ground directly behind Skip.  Which would cause him to jump.  Remember his girlfriend is sitting next to me watching me do this.  After a few times Skip spins around and yells, "Who the f-word keeps shootin' bottle rockets at me?"  Nobody answers.  He never did figure it out until I told him a few years later.  

     I have kept in touch for the most part with Stacy and Steve.  I tried to keep in touch with Jeremy and Wayne, but they moved around too much.  I recently found everyone but Chantal on one of the social network sites.  I kept in touch with Steve's mom, Bonnie, too.  Bonnie was like another mom to all of us.  She used to take us to a local restaurant for coffee and a little snack.  She would sometimes just take us for a drive.  When Steve got his driver's license we all went driving with him around too.

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