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"Chapter 16 I fall in love" 


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Chapter 16 I fall in love


And then I fell in love, from here on in its all positive, I shall lighten up on my story, and only briefly mention the work and any problems.


In 1984 for the first time since 1953, when I took out a mortgage on my first house, my bank balance was actually in the black, it didn’t stay that way for very long because I was buying the flats next door as they became available.


It came to the time when Alan had to decide about his further education, he could have gone on to college but he decided to stay at home and work on his programming skills, I bought him the latest model of computer that he chose so that he could write programs we could use in the hotel.


I was really starting to enjoy being able to go on holiday and have money in my pocket, I had taken the children to the south of France, and we visited Herres which is a naturist island we also went to St Tropaz. And on another trip with hazel, Anna, Raymond and Alan we went to France camping,we visited St Tropaz and were a few miles into our trip back to the campsite when Raymond anounced "I've left my jeans hanging on the railings" he must have been thinking of other things. Margaret and I had a holiday in Spain and I had taken numerous trips down to Studland in Dorset and over to Holland and Vora and I had a visit to Australia


I was really getting into the naturist way of life, I have tried many times to analyze why people become naturists, is it just to worship the sun, or the sense of freedom, the desire to see more of the human body, or to show all you’ve got.


I am convinced there is a deep rooted sexual connotation, in this respect one thing is certain, you have to take the rough or the smooth, you see many sights on the naturist beach that you wish you hadn’t, but on the positive side it does encourage you to keep your body as presentable as possible, and a good all over tan covers a multitude of sins.


It was on a visit to Schreveningen in Holland that I fell in love with Ineke, she was a slim blond mother of three young girls, married to a man who physically had let himself deteriorate to an alarming degree; he would sit watching pornography, drinking beer with a bucket of salted herrings every evening.


Ineke on the other hand was a very fit naturist that I was instantly attracted to, there was a mutual attraction that manifested itself in our desire to spend as much time as possible together, the three young children were aged four, seven and eleven and were full of fun, the eleven year old was always a little distrustful of me and I guess she wondered what I was doing with her mum. After a few days we arranged an evening date and we met outside the Strand hotel where I was staying, I asked Ineke if she wanted to go and have dinner or go up to my room and she replied “let’s go straight upstairs” we didn’t get any dinner that night.


I had booked a holiday to the Seychels and was planning to go with Vora who had worked hard for several summers, we had already done a tour of Europe the previous summer and Alan had joined us half way round to visit the southern countries we finished up in St Tropez.


It was my custom at the end of the season to have a dinner party for family friends and staff and it was during this that I announced to everybody  that I had fallen in love, nevertheless I was not about to renege on my promise to Vora.


The Seychelles trip was an unforgettable experience to an unspoiled tropical island, in the area where we stayed there was one big hotel and a native village situated on a coral lagoon, just along the road you could see the native women washing their clothes and children in the stream that ran down over the rocks,


A few of the native children would come along the beach to the hotel and hang around where we were lounging in deckchairs, they were pitifully poor and their legs were covered in scabs and old scars, they were delighted to get a few sweets and a pencil was a rare treasure. I resolve that if ever I get to visit there again I will take plenty of goodies and loads of Detol ointment.


The situation was ideal, the lagoon was protected from the open sea by a coral reef, you could just see the big waves breaking on the reef, ideal for snorkelling also the hotel provided small sailing boats and windsurfers free of charge, unfortunately they did not provide any instructions for the windsurfing and I was just learning that if I dragged the sail in the water the board would turn in that direction, one day I got the board sailing nicely and proceeded quite a long way out towards the reef when suddenly a tropical storm came up as if from nowhere, it was raining so hard the rain was bouncing off the sea, I fell off the board managed to get my knee under the mast which disconnected the sail from the board, my hat fell off and I was a hell of a long way from the shore, but before I had time to panic I heard this “put put put” and the man from the beach appeared out of the mist in his small boat, his anticipation of my predicament probably saved my life, “ I thought I had better come and get you” was his only comment.


A friend and I went game fishing in a local boat from the island and caught some tuna, I even had a go at trying for a sailfish, we took one tuna back to the hotel for them to cook and I stood outside the hotel and posed for a photograph with this fish standing on its nose and coming up to my shoulder, but unfortunately the camera was faulty and the film never came out.


I have to take Avamine to prevent me being seasick and I had enough to share with the other three fishermen, on the way back to harbour we were caught in some tremendous ocean swells, I was braced against the bulkhead facing the stern and one moment I could see nothing but a towering wall of water and the next nothing but sky, I should have been terrified but I told myself that these fishermen do it every day and I reasoned they knew what they were doing.


Then I got caught up in the political rebel movement


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