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"Chapter 22 Ineke Part 1" 


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Chapter 22 Ineke Part 1

I don’t know where to start when recalling my love affair with Ineke, we first met in 1984 and at that time she was 34 years old and mother of three girls.


We met on the naturist beach at Scheveningen so I cannot be accused of leading them astray in that respect, every day I would look down the beach and wait for them to appear after school, I was very fit at that time and used to say to the other children “let’s go for a jog along the beach and back” but I was only 53 at that time.


Ineke was well known in the area as she had been coming there for some years, it was customary in the event of any danger, such as someone in trouble in the sea for the staff of the café to blow a horn, and if I was on the beach and Ineke telephoned they would use this horn to call me from the multitude of sunbathers, whereupon I would run to the café to take the call.


We spent many a happy hour on that beach and going out to dinner in the local restaurants, a notable one was called “ the laughing duck” it was on the extreme left of the seafront almost out to the harbor, we visited the swimming pool on the beach and generally a good time was had by all.


Ineke was visiting me whenever possible in the evenings at the strand hotel and I was being very romantic buying white and gold vases and red roses to decorate my room, on one occasion she got into big trouble when we fell asleep only to wake up at 04:00 for her to take a taxi home, and when she arrived her husband was sat up waiting for her to return.


I even met her stepmother on one occasion and once was enough, Ineke would relate how she was beaten with a frying pan and psychologically tortured, as an example the old woman would say “ I have family coming, you go on upstairs you are not our blood” and when Ineke was going with her boyfriend on a holiday, the old woman would see her off by saying “ you have a good time, I might have to go into hospital, and I might not be here when you come back”, just pure evil.


Eventually Ineke and the girls moved out of the family home to go and live with a friend who lived close by the school where Ineke was teaching, the lady of the house was at that time heavily pregnant and welcomed the company, I was welcome there as a guest and when I was there that made four for adults and four children soon to be five, it was a small terraced house but a very happy home.


Unfortunately there was a culture of very heavy drinking and the first thing that happened when the man of the house came home from work, was to get out the gin bottle for a round of drinks, a baby girl duly arrived and was named Minke she was a lovely healthy little blond.


I remember making myself useful around the house doing some odd jobs which included some plastering in one of the bedrooms, the man of the house was not able to do this himself, he worked as a teacher, care worker, supervisor at a juvenile rehab center, I think some of their bad habits rubbed off on him.


During the summer holidays it was decided that Ineke, and two of her girls would join me in a trip to Cap de Agde, one of my granddaughters was about the same age as her girls so she opted to come along as well, I loaded up the Mercedes picked up ten year old Emma and made my way to Harwich to catch the ferry to the hook of Holland, went to Scheveningen to pick up the rest of the party, and set out for the south of France


We stayed at a hotel one night on the way down to break the journey, they had just started to build the Milieu viaduct so we had to use the old road down the mountains, I had booked an apartment at Cap de Agde and I soon made some fly screens for the windows.


We spent every day either on the beach or in the swimming pool and everyone was having a thoroughly good time, I bought two single inflatable air beds which we would use as a table when we picnicked on the beach and we stored them overnight in the back of the estate car.


I bought some fishing rods so that the girls could try their hand at fishing and they had a go at the wind surfing, we visited a water theme park not far away, all very enjoyable, I bought some body paints for the girls so they could decorate their bodies but they got their revenge by painting my penis on the beach.


We were all very fit and as we had not put our clothes on for the last six weeks we were running around like a tribe of red Indians, then unfortunately Ineke had a fit of depression and I decided to leave the apartment and move into the hotel Eve which was practically next door, then the next day I told her that she had better return to Holland and preceded to put her on the next train.


Emma and I spent a very enjoyable two weeks in a smaller apartment closer to the sea, and when our time was up we motored back up to the Hook of Holland and sailed for home.

But that was not the end of our romance and very soon I was on the phone to Holland. 




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Charisma R said:
posted on Mar 02, 2011
More more!

I love to read your stories. Very interesting life you had! I'm curious as to your accent, too!

Member Since
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John Edwards said:
posted on Mar 03, 2011

Hello Charisma R
I like to think i dont have one but if anything its Someset
But meeting so many people in the hotel you tend to generalise.
Thanks for your Comments

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Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Aug 02, 2011

I love the stories about all the characters that flow in and out of a hotel too. I'll bet you have oodles of stories to tell...

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John Edwards said:
posted on Aug 04, 2011
Hello Kristina

It is fortunate that I have a good memory
I must catch up with the next few chapters, but I have been traveling in Thailand and New Zealand
But Suffice it to say I had my 80th birthday with family in NZ and now I'm back in Thailand where my Son lives
Thank you for your kind comments

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John Edwards said:
posted on Aug 08, 2011
Added pictures

I am sorting out my files so I have added these pictures